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Different Ways to Ingest CBD and How They Affect the Mind and Body

Written by Lisa Rennie

CBD users aren’t just children who suffer from seizures. These days, the profile of a CBD user is varied and can include athletes looking for a way to boost recovery, patients looking to relieve anxiety, and arthritis sufferers seeking relief from joint pain.

CBD certainly has a myriad of benefits on the body1, and many different types of people are finding uses for the cannabinoid. But just as the user and the effects of CBD are varied, so are the different formats that it comes in and the ways in which it can be consumed.

Here are the different ways that you can ingest CBD and the effects they will have on your mind and body.


When one thinks of consuming CBD, vaping typically come to mind. Certain CBD users prefer to vape their CBD because the cannabinoid can bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly, thus taking effect in the body at a faster rate. The bioavailability of CBD is also much higher with vaping, which means much less CBD is needed to create the same effect.

To vape CBD, users make use of a specialized vape pen that’s used in combination with a CBD cartridge which can be refilled or replaced whenever required. Vaping is unlike smoking in that the CBD is only heated just enough to allow its compounds to be released, rather than burning it like traditional cigarettes or joints. As such, vaping does not cause any irritation to the mouth or lungs and is therefore a safe and effective way to consume CBD.

The effects of vaping can be felt within minutes and can last for a few hours. Vaping is popular for those looking to alleviate anxiety, but it is also popular for just about every other benefit that CBD can provide, including relieving pain, reducing seizures, improving sleep and many others.


CBD capsules provide the perfect starting point for anyone who is new to using CBD. They are precisely dosed, making dosing very simple and straightforward. Whatever CBD concentration is stated on the bottle is what will be consumed, leaving nothing to be guessed or estimated. Users can then adjust their dose as they see fit.

Capsules are easy to take, discreet, and can provide all the benefits of CBD oil.


CBD tinctures are administered under the tongue, allowing the body to absorb the CBD quickly without having to go through the liver or digestive system. As such, the effects of CBD can be felt more quickly compared to other formats that are forced to go through the digestive system first.

Like CBD vapes, tinctures offer a high bioavailability of CBD, which allows more CBD to be absorbed in circulation without the need to consume more of the product than necessary. They quickly take effect to interact with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and provide fast relief of various symptoms, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and mood disorders.


Topicals are popular among those seeking pain relief, particularly at the joints as a result of arthritis or inflammation. Topicals are also popular for battling acne and other skin issues and promoting healthy skin.

The active ingredients in topical CBD are absorbed through the skin after being applied topically, after which the CBD is able to interact with nearby cells without having to enter the bloodstream.


CBD users also have the option to ingest cannabidiol orally. CBD edibles come in all sorts of products, including gummy bears, gum, and beverages. When CBD is consumed in edible format, it is metabolized by the liver, after which the active compounds enter the bloodstream.

Since edible forms of CBD must go through the digestive system, they may take longer to take effect in the body. However, their effects tend to last for a few hours.

Final Thoughts

No matter what format of CBD you choose to use, they all have some effect on your mind and body. CBD users claim to experience mental clarity, improved sleep, reduced pain and inflammation, better skin, reduced anxiety, and even lower blood pressure2.

But one thing that users will not experience is a high. Pure CBD that’s extracted from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC will not produce any psychoactive effects. As such, you can take advantage of the benefits that CBD provides without having to worry about getting high, or even breaking federal law.

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