Colorado Hemp Honey Product Review

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We were recently sent some Colorado Hemp Honey to review.

The packaging is average; black and yellow and a cute honey bee. First suggestion would be to maybe step up the design end, but then again, I own a marketing firm so I’m critical on that. On to the product…

The taste is good. Slight taste of hemp, but not much. It’s good, clean on the palate and can stand up to traditional honey’s, but with a twist 😉

I have incorporated the honey sample (lemon stress less flavor) to my smoothies, tea, and religious morning cup of coffee. I have found that it is such a canny way to sneak in some sweetness without it being over bearing!

If you have a massive sweet tooth but want a tastier more natural way to satisfy it, I would recommend the honey sticks! They’re easy to just throw in your bag (not to mention I haven’t had one of them break on me) and when the occasional sweet tooth sneaks up on me, I find myself reaching for these!

They are a great snack in itself, portable and tasty, it’s all I could ask for!

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Celeste Miranda


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