CBD Cocktail Bars:Are Infused Drinks Effective?

Lance Griffin
Written by Lance Griffin

Cannabidiol (CBD) cocktails are showcased onbar menus in Los Angeles, New York, and cities across the nation. So what actually happens when we infuse alcohol with CBD?

CBD counteracts some of the damage caused by alcohol. If you are seeking a purely medicinal effect, it would be unwise to mix CBD with alcohol. But in my opinion, infused cocktails are the key to a healthier, more relaxing night out on the town.

CBD + Alcohol

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention associate alcohol with 88,000 deaths a year.The effects of alcohol on motor impairment (and in general) are no different when CBD is added… but infusions are associated with lower blood alcohol levels.

The reason may be that CBD exerts protective effects on the liver, where alcohol is metabolized. In a rat study from 2014, ingestion of CBD 30 minutes prior to alcohol ingestion mitigated the usual liver damage associated with alcohol. Alcohol prevents damaged liver cells from degrading to create new cells (known as autophagy), which can lead to fatty liver, inflammation, and even cirrhosis.In the study, CBD put the brakes on this process(by preventing typicaloxidative stress) and promoted healthy autophagy.In a 2017 study on mice, CBD improved alcohol-induced metabolic dysregulation and repairedalcohol-related liver damage.

CBD Infusions and Me

I find that CBD infusions enhance relaxation. This makes sense in light of CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety by increasing endocannabinoids in the brain. When my friends and I enjoy infused CBD drinks, we feel calmer and more grounded than if we had regular drinks. Say goodbye to drunken outbursts!

We also drink less. Binge drinking is a common and popular way to circumvent the inhibitions of socializing. But when we combine CBD with alcohol, we feel that a few drinks are plenty.The experience is more pleasant, and we wake up the next day without searing headaches. With CBD infusions, we don’t drink to the brink of vegetative states.

When you hit Friday Night Happy Hour with your pals, look for CBD drink specials. The infusion could protect your liver, ease anxiety, and make happier hour that much happier.

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