Creator of Jelly Belly’s is on the Hunt for a CBD Supplier at CBD Expo EAST

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Jelly Belly’s are back,in a CBD-kind-of-way through a marriage between Jelly Belly’s creator David Klein and CBD Expo EAST, a CBD-centric expo sweeping across the nation.

Klein, the eccentric creator of Jelly Belly’s is entering the booming CBD market in a big way. The popular candy is stepping out of the box and bringing a bit of fun to the mostly health leaning CBD consumer.

Klein and team will be perusing the exhibit floor looking for a supply partner for their production of the CBD Jelly Belly. This creates an amazing opportunity for both exhibitors, and maybe a few attendees that Klein may chat with.

“This is getting really exciting” said Celeste Miranda, CEO of MACE Media Group, Producer of the CBD Expo Tour. “David is an interesting guy looking for partners to start the production with. It’s fun.”

CBD Expo EAST will also be host to two documentaries being filmed, one for HBO’s Vice channel on Vice News Tonight and the other for Information Matrix TV, an award winning educational tv series highlighting the evolution of medicine and science, hosted by Laurence Fishburne.

CBD Expo EAST is the Eastern stop on a nationwide tour of over 6 locations throughout 2018 and 2019. “Our goal is to disseminate CBD awareness and education throughout our country, through impressive and well-vetted speakers as well as some of the best industry products being showcased on the exhibit floor” said Adam Headley, President of MACE Media Group.

About CBD Expo EAST

Powered by CBD Health and Wellness MagazineCBD Expo East 2018 is the largest CBD event platform to broadcast your products with the community and share your CBD knowledge with the industry. This event will feature more than 90 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, production, globalization, and sale of CBD products.

CBD Expo East 2018 will have plenty of workshops to attend. Dr. John MacKay will be hosting a workshop on CBD Extraction, Chef Matt Stockard will be hosting a cooking class sponsored by CBDaily Eats, Keiko Beatie will host a workshop for Senior Citizens to learn about CBD, and Chron Vivant will provide a Mixology Lab to learn about CBD Drink Creations, all highly educational. Open to the public, everyone is invited, from entrepreneurs and professionals to casual consumers. Dispensary and mainstream store buyers will also be in attendance!

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