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Exclusive Interview: Rachael Maddison of StrainConnect

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StrainConnect aims to provide users with a scientific path to personalized plant medicine. Isat down with the founder and CEO, Rachael Maddison to talk about how she created StrainConnect and what makes it unique.

Why did you develop the StrainConnect application? What was your inspiration?  

I’m a UX designer and information architect by trade, and I founded StrainConnect based on a personal need. I had sciatica and a separated shoulder after having my two children. After the traditional medical methods failed me, I looked to cannabis.

Going through the product search process as a new “canna-curious” consumer took me almost 8 months to find the right products for me, and I spent almost $2,400 on products I’d never use again. Beyond being time consuming and expensive, it felt isolating, not only because of the stigma, but every other resource or recommendation I received never considered all of me. So, I knew with my technical and customer service-oriented background I’d be able to build a team to create a resource to help consumers feel more confident in their CBD & cannabis purchases.

Can you describe how StrainConnect works and what makes the matching system unique? And how are chemotypes used for the analysis?

Our technology connects the bioscience of the plant and the bioscience of the consumer. We use updated product labs that include not only cannabinoids but also the terpene profiling – not generic strain data. Our machine-learning proprietary algorithm then matches those labs to a pinpointed questionnaire that asks the consumer about their ailments and how they want to feel. We also touch on who they are and their personality characteristics, providing them with a very focused, strain- and brand-agnostic list of recommended products, all within 3 minutes or less!

After the product recommendation, we direct the patient to exactly where to purchase the product. Currently, with our CBD recommendations, individuals across the US can purchase their CBD products online and have them delivered right to their door, through our brand affiliates. In the coming months, we’ll open our THC recommendations in California, in which the consumer will have the option to do an in-store pickup at a dispensary or have their products delivered to their door (if it’s allowed within their geolocation).

How do you determine which products and brands to include?

You see, StrainConnect is adding a level of standardization that is currently lacking in the CBD and cannabis industry. We’re bringing safe access to consumers by recommending only quality CBD and cannabis products.

We start that process by requiring every brand to apply to be a part of our platform. Not only are we vetting their third-party lab results, but we’re vetting the laboratories that conducted their COAs.

We also consider what their current marketing is to ensure they’re not misleading consumers. For example, if the brand states, “Our products are full spectrum isolate.” Well…this obviously doesn’t make any sense – the product can be an isolate, or it can be full spectrum – it cannot be both. But consumers that are new to CBD and cannabis don’t know that. StrainConnect ensures that what the brand states on the outside of the package is actually what is inside the package. How can we get started with StrainConnect?

It’s easy…and free! Just go to www.strainconnect.com and download it directly from our website.

Thanks so much, Rachael!

If you are a medical or scientific professional and are interested in collaborating with StrainConnect on their disruptive platform, please contact them at connect@strainconnect.com.

If you are a brand looking to partner with this honest platform that will highlight the hard work you have put into your quality product, AND you have BOTH cannabinoid AND terpene COAs, please email them at admin@strainconnect.com and explain why you think your brand should be considered. Please attach a full COA that includes both labs.

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