Laws and Regulations

A Quick Guide to Traveling with CBD Products

Written by Nicholas Demski

What’s legal, what’s not, and key tips into meeting the laws and regulations around non-psychoactive cannabis products.

In the cannabis industry legalization and cannabis freedoms are moving forward. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018—which legalized hemp—was a massive step forward at the federal level. Although hemp is legal and CBD is widely available throughout the entire country, that doesn’t mean you’re always allowed to travel with it.

Can I Travel with CBD Products?

The answer varies depending on your mode of transportation, route, and product.

Traveling in Cars

It’s not illegal to transport CBD products in your car, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always be allowed to do it. For example, if an officer were to pull someone over for an expired tag and find a small bottle of CBD oil, they might confiscate it. To the officer, it might be a product that contains THC. Since they don’t know the contents of the substance, they have every right to take it and test it back at their lab.

Traveling in Planes

Though they are keenly aware of its illegality at the federal level, the TSA agents in airports aren’t there looking for cannabis or its infused products. Their main goal to prevent weapons or dangerous items onto the plane. However, should a TSA agent find cannabis while performing a search, they’re mandated to refer it to the local authorities.

If you’re planning to travel with CBD on an airplane, it’s not worth the potential hassle, but that doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

Top Tips to Following the Law When Traveling with CBD Products

  1. Keep Your CBD Products in Their Respective Labeled Packages

With a quick glance at the product label in a sealed package, it’s unlikely to be hassled for a small amount of CBD products.

  1. Have Your Documentation

A doctor’s recommendation and receipt for your CBD products are a good place to start to keep yourself safe.

  1. Don’t transport open CBD containers.

An open bottle raises suspicions. Even though CBD is non-psychoactive, an open bottle of it will have an officer asking questions.

  1. Avoid flying with CBD products, but have no fear.

It’s a hassle if you run into the wrong TSA agent, it’s a nothing-burger a majority of the time. Is the hassle worth it? Probably not, you can easily buy a new CBD product when you land at your destination and avoid a rub down at the security gate.

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