Creating Better Days

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Creating Better Days offers a wide assortment of products and flavors with the twist that all products are nano-emulsified, which is designed to enhance absorption.

True price: $0.08/mg to $0.30/mg
Product selection: Oil tinctures, vape oils, e-juices, vape cartridges, soft gel capsules, crystalline CBD isolate, creams, gummies, lollipops, and syrups
Isolates or full spectrum: Isolate
Dosage range: 50 mg to 2,500 mg
Pet products: Dog and cat treats, oil, and spray

The Good
Wide array of products • Discount for veterans • Good dosage range • Nano-technology?

The Bad
Somewhat opaque company and process

The Bottom Line
Creating Better Days offers a mouth-watering variety of flavors and an apparently innovative technology designed to enhance absorption.

Who they are: Good question! We know that Creating Better Days is based in Plantation, Florida. They post current but basic third-party lab tests verifying CBD and cannabinoid content. The site states that the sublingual oils are “pharmacist-formulated,” and “Nano-Amplified,” so there may be secretive patents at play. The site also mentions that products are manufactured in an ISO-7 certified lab, which is a cleanroom standard. Products are made from industrial hemp, THC-free, and legal in all 50 states. Online reviewers, bloggers, and redditors are generally positive regarding their experiences with Creating Better Days.

Why they’re unique: Creating Better Days manufactures a flavorful array of CBD isolate products at acceptable prices that can please just about anyone. Who would turn down a sour-apple lollipop? How about a bacon-cheese dog chew? OK, you got me on that one, but I bet Fido is drooling. The nano-emulsified technology isn’t completely clear, but it is designed to deliver CBD at faster and more complete absorption rates. It is relatively unique in the space.

What products they have: Oil tinctures, vape oils, e-juices, vape cartridges, soft gel capsules, crystalline CBD isolate, creams, gummies, lollipops, and syrups… Oh my! I can’t cover all of these because we’d be here all day. Plus there are dog and cat treats… yes, even cats! Finally – cat lovers, rejoice!

The gummies include watermelon rings, sour worms, and rainbow belts. These products contain gelatin. CBD cartridge flavors range from fruit rocks to skunk haze. If you’re looking for CBD e-juice, check out swapple – when watermelon, strawberry, and apple have a baby, swapple is born into the world. Creating Better Days also offers melatonin-infused syrups to help with sleep in flavors like blueberry and cherry.

The flavor profile of the sublingual oil is natural and untouched, but the nano-technology formulation only recommends holding it under the tongue for 10 seconds (rather than the typical 90 seconds to maximize absorption). If you have issues with taste and absorption, this might be for you. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in the vape oils are kosher certified.

Customer Phil H. had this to say: “Between the gummies and 300mg cream, we couldn’t be happier with the life changing results. Thank you a thousand times!!”

Bonus: Creating Better Days offers a 20% discount for military veterans.

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