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As one of the first companies to offer CBD Oil in the UK we thought we would share a little about its history. What different CBD oils really are, what to watch out for & what to expect from your oil.


CBD oil in the UK is a relatively new concept. Back in 2011 when CanaXen’s founder made his first CBD oil it was virtually unheard of.

Nowadays it seems to be a very different story. The internet is filled with CBD this, CBD that, in jelly teddy’s as well as coffee – you name it.

“It remains urgent that our government gets to grips with the reality of the need and benefits of cannabis for use in the wider sense”

CLEAR UK – Cannabis Reform Charity

So where has this incredible compound suddenly appeared from? Why have we not heard of it before if it is so powerful?

Well, to put it bluntly, it has been sat right under our noses in plain sight for thousands of years.

stoned age man
STONED-AGE MAN – Sadly our first ancestor to enjoy cannabis has long disappeared as well as his pipe. Rest assured stone age man would have used the incredible plant and known full well about its power and benefits.


For as far back as Egyptian times and early China. The cannabis and hemp plant has been used by humans probably even our stone-age ancestors.

A sad fact of modern day times is that we put too much faith in man-made fixes. A tablet for this and a tablet for that.

“US prescription drug overdose deaths rose to record 72,000 last year, data reveals”

The Guardian Newspaper

Nature always had the answer, one of those answers is this incredible plant. Our generation has seen sense and brought it back from unfair persecution.

Fiction is again returning facts to fiction as Members of our own parliament benefit from legally grown cannabis in the UK.

Also worth noting that in the 8 years it has been around. CBD oil in the UK has avoided controversy no negative stories can be found.

TOKE LIKE AN EGYPTIAN – As far back as Egyptian times, mankind has utilised the cannabis plant as well as its incredible properties. Sadly it has been demonised over the last 70 years.


The law surrounding CBD oil in the UK is very simple. CBD companies can make no medical claims, products must be THC free to a max of 0.2% in the EU.

As we will discuss next, there is a difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil in the UK. Pure oil extracts from street cannabis will ALWAYS contain THC.

Similarly, most of the cannabis plants GW pharmaceutical grow under license. Their products and plant material contain significant quantities of THC.

“Sativex® contains the principal cannabinoids delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in a 1:1 ratio as well as specific minor cannabinoids and other non-cannabinoid components.”

GW Pharmaceuticals website


So CBD oil in the UK which proves its cannabinoid levels by lab test. Follows the guidelines set out by the MHRA via the CTA. Is perfectly legal in the UK.

Similarly with cannabis oils, many are forced to seek illegal oils. Access to medical cannabis in the UK is available but progress is slow and prices are high.

One of the first places open for cannabis prescriptions. A clinic in Manchester recently opened to offer THC cannabis medicine.

Perfectly legally and if you can spare £600-£700 a month then go right ahead! We reported this story a few months back, read here.

politicians making money from cannabis oil uk
THE FINAL LAUGH – Theresa May as well as her very own drugs minister Victoria Atkins, our politicians benefit indirectly from the growing of cannabis by GW Pharmaceuticals while we are prosecuted. For too long profit has gone before morality. READ FULL STORY


Let’s take a look at the difference between CBD oil in the UK. And cannabis oil made legally by GW Pharmaceuticals in the wonderful British countryside?

First-off, CBD oil in the UK cannot contain more than 0.2% THC. This is the key difference between a whole plant extracted as well as cannabis sativa CBD oil.

“I stressed the importance of acting swiftly to ensure that where medically appropriate, these products (cannabis) could be available to be prescribed to patients.”

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid who relaxed UK law surrounding cannabis in 2018


The difference between whole plant extracted CBD oil in the UK & CBD isolate is also important. A whole plant extract oil is much like regular cannabis oil.

Everything that is needed from the plant is in there aside from high THC levels. Furthermore the many cannabinoidsterpenesflavonoids and essential oils.

cbd oil benefits whole plant
Whichever CBD oil you choose, make sure they have third-party laboratory tests to show you.


Recently if you have been taking notice, you can buy CBD anything and everything. On high street shelve’s, as well as petrol stations and local shops.

Much like anything new, companies jump on the bandwagon and make their own oils. Many of these oils are simply CBD crystals melted into olive oil.

“There are two main forms of CBD in the UK market. These are ‘full spectrum’ CBD and CBD isolate. There are a number of key differences between the two”

Ian Jones, Fundacion Canna Testing Facility

These oils have far less effect than whole plant extracts. This is because every single part of the plant is needed for noticeable effects.

This called the entourage effect and can only be found in a whole plant or full spectrum CBD oil in the UK.

It is vital to the bodies own endocannabinoid system and our own wellbeing.

“Endocannabinoids appear to be profoundly connected with the concept of homeostasis (maintaining physiological stability), helping redress specific imbalances presented by disease or by injury”

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