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Grocery Shopping? Buy CBD in Mass Retail Stores

Written by Mell Green

As you walk down the aisles of the grocery store picking out your regular household foods and scanning other products, you just might find rows upon rows of CBD-filled shelves. That’s right — you can now purchase the non-psychoactive cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD), in local retail stores. While research on cannabis’ CBD is limited and still in the preliminary stages, that has not stopped the CBD industry. Considering its versatility available in a variety of products, the sales of CBD have skyrocketed not only in grocery stores but seemingly everywhere. And there’s good reasoning behind this.

Aside from the growing personal testimonies, anecdotal evidence has discovered CBD’s potential for addressing a number of health conditions. The cannabinoid has been shown to help with physical discomforts, mental ailments such as anxiety and stress, inflammation, pain, and much more. As CBD has made its way to the shelves in grocery stores, any shopper can purchase these products without a prescription.

Although the legalization on the production of hemp has been approved within the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is still analyzing necessary regulations on CBD foods being sold in mass retail stores.

Retail stores require that CBD products contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is so little THC that consuming these products from your local grocery store will not produce any psychoactivity: it won’t get you high. The effects of CBD are therapeutic, and are most known to produce a deep relaxation mentally, physically, and an overall sense of tranquility.

CBD products are required to have labels that display dose recommendations; however, CBD intake amount varies for each individual. With that said, what works for you may not work for the next person; so like most substances, doing a little trial and error should help you find the best dosage. But before doing any experimenting, it’s very important that you first do your homework and speak with your doctor to find the right CBD product for you — just as you would do for most anything that you purchase, especially those that contribute to your health.

As we said, there is a variety of hemp-derived CBD products available, produced in the form of hair products, skincare, dog treats, and so many more essential items you might use in your everyday life. As products from hemp continue to increase and cannabis becomes more widely accepted, both medically and recreationally, the CBD industry will continue to expand. So, when you make your next grocery run, take a look at the CBD products your local retail store has on its shelves.


Image Credit: The Cannabis Reporter

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Mell Green

Mell is a published writer and advocate of the legal cannabis movement who’s dedicated to all things wellness. You can catch her work in a number of publications including Plant People,, and the Weed Blog. She’s a proud volunteer of the National Hemp Association and enjoys consuming cannabis medicinally and recreationally.