6 of the Newest CBD Products

Lisa Rennie
Written by Lisa Rennie

Thanks to increasing legalized status and reduced stigma of cannabis, more and more cutting-edge CBD products are being created and made available to those interested in experiencing the many benefits that cannabidiol has to offer. CBD, in particular, has really been popping in the cannabis world, prompting the development of a slew of new CBD goods.

Here are a handful of new CBD-infused products that you might want to try out.

1. Sparkling CBD Water

Cannabis edibles are nothing new, but infusing CBD into beverages like water is a relatively new and innovative concept. CBD water can do more than just hydrate the body. It can also provide a quick dose of CBD so the effects can be felt nearly immediately.

Using innovative nanoscience, CBD particles are broken down to create nanoparticles, so they are more easily infused into water. In turn, this creates a highly bioavailable source of CBD that doesn’t require time to digest before the effects of the cannabinoid are felt.

And not only are CBD water products available, now consumers can enjoy sparkling CBD and all the fizzy bubbles that come along with it. And with a little fruity flavor added to the mix, sparkling CBD water makes for a refreshing summer drink.

2. CBD Beer

Not only can you enjoy your CBD in sparkling water form, but you can also access the cannabinoid via a cold brew. Also known as “cannabeer.” Beer infused with CBD is one of the latest products hitting the cannabis market.

Companies are experimenting with combining beer and CBD formulations, as an increasing number of cannabis companies seek to partner up with brewers to make CBD-infused beers available to the public.

3. CBD Bitters

You can add CBD yourself to your beverage of choice with CBD bitters. They come in convenient droppers that are accurately dosed, making responsible dosing as easy as possible. They also come in a variety of flavors to satisfy your particular palate.

3. Transdermal Patches

A great new way to accurately and precisely dose CBD and experience near-immediate effects is to affix a CBD transdermal patch to the skin. While nicotine patches have been around for decades, CBD transdermal patches are relatively new. They’re quick and easy to use and can be a convenient way to take CBD on the go.

4. CBD Protein Powder

Avid gym goers typically add protein powders to their pre- and post-workout meals to fuel their muscles. But with CBD protein powder products now available, athletes can seamlessly add CBD to their routine.

Some studies have shown that CBD may be able to help with muscle recovery and even improve athletic performance, so having a product that can both build lean muscle tissue while enhancing performance and aid in recovery is incredibly convenient and useful. [1]

5. CBD Shampoo

CBD has been exploding in the world of cosmetics, especially when it comes to creams. But CBD can also be useful for the hair as well, which is why some companies are now adding the cannabinoid to their shampoo products.

Research has linked CBD to better hair and scalp health, helping to reduce dandruff, strengthen the hair shaft, and even promote fuller, thicker hair.

6. CBD Dog Chews

Our furry friends are more like family members than just pets, and they deserve all the wonderful benefits that CBD can offer, too. More and more companies are coming out with CBD pet treats meant to help with things like anxiety, pain, and inflammation. [2] And with tasty dog chews, it’s easy to administer CBD to pets.



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