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When the magic of mushrooms meets the power of CBD, worlds collide. Enter Myco Sativa.

True price: $0.12/mg to $0.14/mg

Product selection: Capsules

Isolates or full spectrum: ?

Dosage range: 600 mg

Pet products: No

$70.00 from Myco Sativa

        The Good

Unique bonus ingredients • Good quality standards

        The Bad

Very limited selection • Lab tests unpublished • Opaque/incomplete website

The Bottom Line

Myco Sativa blends CBD and medicinal mushrooms for out-of-this-world combo capsules.

Who they are: Myco- refers to fungi, and sativa refers to hemp. Put them together and what have you got? Myco Sativa, the company that combines medicinal mushrooms and CBD. According to CEO George Hou, “Myco Sativa was created to manifest the best version of you!”

Manifest the best version of me? That’s a tall order. Fortunately, Myco Sativa develops their products with a “network of herbal and medical experts, scientists and researchers.” Yeah, definitely need that. They also leave “dusting to the fairies,” with substantial amounts of ingredients per serving. How much, you ask? Good question. Other than CBD, I’m not sure. The site does not include clear images of the labels.

The company manufactures in its very own GMP-registered facility, which is audited by the NSF and SGS. They claim to conduct 3rd party lab testing, but reports are not published. Overall, the site appears new and incomplete, lacking details about the CBD. We’re talking critical points here—type (full spectrum or isolate), origin, extraction, etc. It is possible to subscribe to the newsletter, so perhaps that would clear things up.

Why they’re unique: Two words: medicinal mushrooms. Color me intrigued. The fascinating bonus ingredients include cordyceps, tiger milk (the mushroom, folks), and reishi. What happens when we combine the power of mushrooms and CBD? Stay tuned for fireworks.

What products they have:  Good things come in threes, and Myco Sativa offers three capsule products. Each is formulated with 20 mg of CBD per serving. A single serving is two capsules, and there are 60 capsules per bottle. That adds up to one bottle per month. As mentioned, it is unclear whether the CBD is isolate or full spectrum.

So, what’s the difference between one capsule and another? Simply put, the bonus ingredients.

Reishi Gold promotes immune support with—you guessed it—reishi mushroom. Capsules also feature black pepper extract to boost absorption.

Cordyceps Gold is “guaranteed to bring you straight into beast mode,” with cordyceps mushroom. The site mentions a group of high-performing Chinese athletes in the 1980s who were suspected of doping. Turns out, they were taking cordyceps.

Longevity Gold quests for the fountain of youth with a wide range of mushrooms including chaga, reishi, tiger milk, and shiitake. The stand-out bonus ingredient here is astaxanthin, aka the pigment in red algae. It is purposed to promote youthfulness. These loaded capsules come at a slightly higher price point. Oh, to be young again…

Bonus: Individuals can easily contact the proprietors of Myco Sativa using an accessible site form. Importantly, the company uses the word badass to describe its capsules.

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