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5 Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil

Written by Mell Green

We often hear about the popular psychoactive aspect of THC, but an exogenous newcomer also found in cannabis has been taking the scene by storm and is showing no signs of stopping.

CBD (cannabidiol)—commonly taken in the form of oil—doesn’t produce (contains 0.03% THC) any psychoactivity, and according to the World Health Organization is completely safe for almost everyone to use. Aside from the fact that it can’t get you high, it also doesn’t produce dependency or intolerance, nor does it have overdose potential. Instead, it provides therapeutic benefits for addressing a number of conditions. Below are a few that may surprise you.

  1. Stress and Depression

 Stress and common mood disorders like depression can have devastating effects on your well-being. In order to combat their symptoms, patients are typically prescribed antidepressant drugs called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to help stabilize them, but these drugs have not proven effective for some. Fortunately, CBD oil has been found to work in much the same way as antidepressants. 

  1. Heart Health

Doctors will normally tell their patients to make some major lifestyle changes, or even scare them with a lifetime of medication. If you suffer or have suffered from a malfunctioning cardiovascular system, CBD oil has demonstrated the ability to help you maintain a healthy heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

  1. Seizures

 For all that cannabinoids are able to do, it should come as no surprise to hear that CBD oil can help with epileptic seizures, and the FDA has backed this fact. FDA-approved Epidiolex is comprised of CBD, and was created to address some of the most severe and difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy. 

  1. Addiction

Addiction is a magnetic and yet, destructive love affair that offers no surefire cure. But with CBD oil, there is hope. No matter what the addiction is, science says that CBD oil can prevent substance abuse relapses and also help the addicted person curb their cravings, and even the triggers that cause them.

  1. Cancer-related Symptoms

Cancer alone is already enough to deal with, and the litany of symptoms that chemotherapy (the most widely practiced type of cancer treatments) brings may burden the load. Cancer patients will often experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and pain; however, CBD is an effective treatment that can help with these distressing symptoms.

As more and more studies continue to prove the effectiveness of CBD, we are hopeful that new therapeutic uses for this natural remedy are sure to be discovered. Just like any medicine, be sure to consult your doctor before taking CBD oil in order to find the best treatment for you.

Image Credit: Time Magazine

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Mell Green

Mell is a published writer and advocate of the legal cannabis movement who’s dedicated to all things wellness. You can catch her work in a number of publications including Plant People,, and the Weed Blog. She’s a proud volunteer of the National Hemp Association and enjoys consuming cannabis medicinally and recreationally.