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Dazzling branding and innovative technology make Reset Bioscience a popular alternative to standard CBD options.   

True price: $0.18/mg to $0.23/mg

Product selection: Liposomal oil

Isolates or full spectrum: Isolate

Dosage range: 300 mg

Pet products: No

$70 from Reset Bioscience

 The Good

Enhanced absorption • Superb branding and website • Significant following • Quality standards

The Bad

One product • No third-party lab testing • Expensive

The Bottom Line

Reset Bioscience is perfect for those with absorption issues or anyone seeking an optimized alternative to standard fare CBD isolate.

Who they are: Former all-American athlete Chris Barber leads Reset Biosciences on the journey to “disrupt the current CBD market… with advanced nanotechnology.” Liposomal nanotechnology enhances pharmaceutical absorption, and CBD is no exception. Reset’s team of ten includes investment and marketing veterans in addition to three individuals with the job description, “Creative.”

And it shows: the branding of the product and site are superb. The color scheme, interactive elements, and multimedia components are lovely. Moving through the site is like swimming through a world-class marketing presentation. Even the product bottle features a sleek design. This may help explain how, despite being very young, the company has a robust social media following. There is significant demand and a healthy number of positive reviews.

Reset boasts double-double testing at every stage of production, GMP compliant manufacturing, Colorado-grown organic hemp, and pharmaceutical standards. What double-double testing means is open to interpretation. Double-double sounds like a good basketball performance… or maybe a fast food sandwich.

The company mentions “there’s no need to distract you with lies or ‘branding’ so we can skip straight to the hard facts.” Sound great. But the facts are not always straightforward. The site calls out third-party certificates as “not very reliable,” and points to its own $2 million of self-funding as proof that its products are legit. Party foul.

Why they’re unique: Liposomal technology means using microscopic bubble-like particles (liposomes) to carry CBD molecules. These liposomes escort CBD into circulation quicker and more completely. The tech is not unique, but Reset Bioscience pushes it to the cutting edge. The site describes an “army of millions of tiny little ‘trojan horse’ pharmaceutical liposomes” that carry CBD safely past digestion. The formula is purposed to be much faster and more effective than tinctures and even vapor.

What products they have: Reset offers one product: Reset Balance. It is not an oil tincture. It is, rather, 300 mg of 99.9% CBD in liposomal carriers. This bad boy comes in flavorless and peppermint. Each serving delivers 20 mg CBD; the better absorption is designed to make this serving size more impactful. The liquid is white and looks like medicine. The company recommends taking it sublingually.

Ricky R. said: “I have been out of the Marine Corps for five years now and having PTSD and bodily pain (especially in my back), I have had a fair amount of difficulty sleeping, let alone relaxing. The first time I took RESET, that all changed! I highly recommend Reset to anyone looking for a moment to unwind and finally get some rest.”

Bonus: First time buyers can use a code provided on the site for a significant discount. The company offers free shipping and lower prices for 3-bottle and 6-bottle bundles.

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