Tiki Biosciences

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Tiki Biosciences offers no-frills full spectrum benefits —minus the THC and earthy taste.

True price: $0.06/mg to $0.17/mg

Product selection: Tinctures, soft gels, lotion, and salve

Isolates or full spectrum: Broad spectrum and isolate

Dosage range: 200 mg to 1,000 mg

Pet products: Tincture

$34.95 from Tiki Biosciences

 The Good

Published lab tests • Flavorless • 30-day trial period • Veteran/first responder discount

 The Bad

Limited dose options • Limited product variety • Missing company history

The Bottom Line

Tiki Biosciences offers high-quality broad spectrum CBD for reasonable prices with a down-to-Earth attitude.

Who they are: Tiki Biosciences tackles the stress of daily living with “high-quality hemp supplements direct to your door at an affordable price.” Hard to argue with that.

The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and utilizes non-GMO hemp from licensed farms in Colorado. The manufacturing plants are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO9001 certified. Tiki shines for its up-to-date certificates of analysis, which are easy to download and interpret. Testing includes cannabinoid and terpene content, solvents, and microbes.

We know a small team is behind Tiki, but we don’t know much else. I performed a little espionage and noticed that they joined Twitter in March 2019. There are only a few reviews available. It’s fair to say Tiki is a relative newcomer to the CBD scene. But don’t let this turn you away: the 30-day satisfaction guarantee extends a full refund if you don’t like the product (one per person). Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Why they’re unique: Tiki Biosciences specializes in flavorless broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum means they eliminate traceable amounts of THC and reconstitute other hemp goodies, such as terpenes. The company also offers ‘narrow spectrum’ CBD. That’s right: CBD isolate just got a sleek new name.

What products they have: Tiki Biosciences emphasizes quality over variety. They present a total of six products, which means… drum roll, please… we’re going to look at all six of their products.

Tinctures come in 1,000 mg bottles. The consumer can choose between broad spectrum and narrow spectrum (aka isolate). Regarding this latter choice, Tiki quaintly mentions it is “for those who want the benefits of CBD without paying for the terpenes.” There you have it. Tinctures are seated in coconut-based MCT oil.

Moving right along: Tiki offers 25 mg broad spectrum soft gel capsules that contain MCT oil and gelatin. Their 500 mg salve is an intriguing option for sore muscles and inflammation; it features beeswax, lavender, and eucalyptus. Although the 200 mg lotion is based in organic coconut oil, it breaks Tiki’s all-natural trend with ingredients like phenoxyethanol.

Last but not least, the company carries a 500 mg broad spectrum tincture for pets. The only difference between the human tincture and the pet tincture is the carrier: our furry friends get hempseed oil to avoid digestive issues. Pet owners will definitely appreciate that.

Bonus: Tiki Biosciences is offering free shipping on orders over $100. Sweet! They also offer affiliate marketing for the sales-oriented fan.

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