Does CBD Require Different Storage/Usage Conditions than THC?

Written by Colby McCoy

As a bit of a self-proclaimed enthusiast, one of the biggest things I’m a stickler about is maintaining proper storage conditions for my cannabis products. Whether the products mentioned are flower or tinctures, the same rule applies: storing cannabis in a temperate, favorable environment is crucial to ensuring its longevity. This applies equally to CBD products as well.

Aside from being different on a molecular level from THC, CBD belongs to the same plant genus as THC does. Generally speaking, storage conditions should remain the same. A good example of this would be tinctures and oils. Producers often recommend that CBD products should be kept in a dark, cool, and dry place. The ultimate goal here is to avoid degradation of potency.

I know a few folks who opt for putting their CBD in the fridge or freezer. Although this can slow down the degradation process, light is still a concern. In an effort to explore the effects of different storage conditions on cannabis, researchers placed two samples of cannabis oil under varying conditions for a period of four years where the levels of THC, CBD, and CBN in each sample were measured.

The study shows that CBD and THC levels degraded less quickly in dark conditions whilst being chilled at 39°F. Degradations occurred more rapidly when each sample was placed under laboratory light at 71°F. [1] Interestingly, CBN levels increased dramatically over the same four-year period.

These findings echo most general wisdom when it comes to CBD storage. Warmer temperatures and prolonged exposure to light can lead to a decrease in the potency of your CBD products. If you’re unsure as to where it is best to store your CBD, check to see if the product label provides any information regarding storage.


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