CBD Expo Mountain Recap

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Yet another amazing event in the books as the CBD Expo Mountain took Denver by storm at the Colorado Convention Center on October 11th and 12th.

The first day of the Expo started with a blast of winter weather, but snowy streets and chilly temps couldn’t keep the crowds away with industry experts, business owners, panel presenters of all kinds, and CBD enthusiasts filling up the floor and all contributing to a thriving atmosphere.

The 200+ exhibitors all brought the best of what their products and services have to offer, and the energy and excitement seen in the displays and on the faces of everyone who took part was unreal. Thousands of attendees poured in over the course of the multi-day event and all in attendance gained insight, knowledge, and plenty of those precious connections that will drive the future of the CBD industry forward.

The panels and workshops held throughout the days were informative and enlightening with topics ranging from cutting edge science to marketing tactics and much, much more. In addition to the panels and discussions, several courses were also offered including an in-depth look at the science of extraction led by Dr. John MacKay and an Accredited Terpene Specialist training led by Susan Trapp, PhD.

Panels were filled with authorities and experts on a wide range of subjects. The Bioavailability vs. Bioactivity panel led by chemists Chris Denicola of Santeer and Dr. Emek Blair of Puffin Hemp was an engaging, informative look into leading developments in the science of CBD. Another panel led in part by Julie Herzog and Thuy Vu provided excellent insight into the struggles and hurdles the CBD industry still faces with FDA compliance.

With so many great products and companies bringing their wares to the trade floor, it was a difficult process to choose the cream of the crop, but the 2019 awards winners are:

  • Best CBD Pet – Millie
  • Best CBD Flower – Trilogene Seed
  • Best CBD Beverage – Sait
  • Best CBD Edible – Hush
  • Best CBD Packaging – Pachamama
  • Best CBD Tincture – Ultra CBD
  • Best CBD Topical – CalyFX
  • Best CBD Cosmetic Skincare – Color Up Therapeutic
  • Best Scientific Advancements in the CBD Industry – Hammer Enterprise
  • Best Booth – Dabber

Props are due to everyone who took part in creating such an amazing event and atmosphere. This Expo is just one solid moving part to a thriving group of dedicated individuals and businesses dedicated to advancing and directing the continued success of the CBD industry.

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