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101 CBD tantalizes
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101 CBD tantalizes the taste buds and soothes the senses with a delectable array of raw ingredients.

True price: $0.12/mg to $0.28/mg
Product selection: Tinctures and topicals
Isolates or full spectrum: Full spectrum (raw)
Dosage range: 300 mg to 2400 mg
Pet products: Yes

$49.00 from 101 CBD

The Good
Strong quality standards • Flavors • Bonus ingredients • Monthly subscription • Customizable

The Bad
Hefty scientific claims • Limited lab tests available

The Bottom Line
Those on a raw diet — or anyone interested in the benefits of CBDa — will find that 101 CBD delivers pure, flavorful, raw CBD

Who they are: Parenting a toddler with severe autism inspired the founders of 101 CBD to spread the healing power of raw CBD. They set up shop in Ventura, California. The vision and spirit shine. But what’s raw CBD?

Raw mostly refers to cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), the non-decarboxylated precursor to CBD. Talk about a mouthful! In brief, the extracted oil is not heated. Conventional wisdom tells us that CBDa must be heated to become CBD. And CBD brings on the benefits. But recent scientific studies have shown that CBDa also packs a serious punch. In some ways, it may even be better than typical CBD.

On the downside, 101 CBD points out that “an average dose of our CBD… should not result in a failed drug test.” But this seems like wishful thinking. Other claims include that CBDa is “at least 4 times more effective” than CBD, which may be true… but is only supported by non-human research (aka, rats and petri dishes). The published lab test reflects one product.

On the bright side, 101 CBD is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (A+). They sponsored autistic race car driver Garrett Manes. Their products are even approved by the Autism Hope Alliance.

Why they’re unique:  Feel the raw… be the raw. 101 CBD gives a huge bear hug to raw ingredients — especially hemp CBD. With oil that boasts a staggering 77% CBDa, there’s really no better place to get your raw on.

What products they have: Tinctures and topical creams. The tincture is seated in hemp oil. It’s available as a solo act, but don’t miss the duets. Alleviate adds organic white willow bark. Chill brims with organic passion flower. And Boost livens up the mood with American ginseng. Simple but sweet. Sweet, you say? That’s right — the stevia in each bottle guarantees it.

Flavor options include butterscotch, citrus, and bacon (which is directed at Fido, but we don’t judge). If you’re unimpressed, consider that 101 CBD even allows us to customize our very own tincture. This means adding the herb(s) we want, controlling the sweetness, and of course, picking a flavor. Decisions, decisions!

The raw parade continues with 101 CBD’s topical products. Relief Topical is available in 250 mg and 500 mg jars; the bonus ingredients may knock your socks off. We’re talking mango butter, jojoba oil, menthol, and lavender oil, among others. Renew Skin Treatment taps into that “healthy and youthful look” with fan favorites such as argan oil and turmeric oil.

Angel left this review on the site: “Instead of cancelling all my plans, and being excessively worried about the littlest things, I am able to finally live my life and be happy. CBD has helped me with my migraines and insomnia as well. So much relief. I will forever repurchase oil from 101 CBD.”


Bonus: Free shipping on orders over $99 — woohoo! The subscription plans will have your favorite product in the mail on time every month for a smart discount.

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