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Written by Paul James

Editor’s Note: These products were chosen to represent examples of tech devices we find unique and interesting. This article is meant to be informational only and is not promotional in nature. Information on the products were taken from the manufacturer’s web sites; these are not product reviews.

 Cannabis technology is quickly evolving, with a number of cannabis tech products pouring into the marketplace. These products, which utilize cutting-edge technology, include breathalyzers, at-home infusers, and metered dosing devices.

Here is a quick look at a few we found intriguing:

Potency Analysis

California-based company tCheck has developed user-friendly hardware that claims to test the potency of your cannabis at home. By using Ultra Violet spectrometry and syncing results to an app on your phone, users can determine the potency of the cannabinoids in their infusions, flower, or concentrates. The company’s web site also claims that their device is accurate to within ±1.5mg/mL in oil infusions and alcohol tinctures and within ±3 percentage points for flower, hemp, or trim.


Hound Labs has developed a breathalyzer that claims to analyze cannabinoid levels. Though the technology is still new, Hound Labs hopes to become the leader in cannabis breathalyzers based on their product’s ability to detect tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations at very low levels. Clinical studies performed using the device have validated its sensitivity. Hound Labs is committed to continuing research to ensure that the device provides consistent results.

At-home Decarboxylation

Cannabis company Ardent has raised $600,000 in funding to develop the first cannabis decarboxylation device on the market. Their handheld devices are easy to use and claim to be an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance that can be used by anyone, no experience necessay. Better yet, they claim the device can activate and infuse cannabinoids with up to 8 oz of plant material at a time. Ardent also provides guidelines on how to craft cannabis creations at home using their products.

Metered-Dose Inhalation

Many have turned to microdosing cannabis to maximum beneficial treatment effects and minimize unwanted side effects. However, one of the biggest challenges in microdosing is measurement accuracy. Syqe Medical has developed a vaporizer that claims to dole out a consistent 100µg dose with every inhale. This device has been evaluated in clinical trials which demonstrated its effectiveness in treating chronic pain; these studies also found that the device medication delivers consistent uniform doses. Patients reported that the device was easy to use with satisfactory results.

DNA Analysis

It’s safe to say that cannabis affects us all differently–some people feel extremely anxious from consuming a high dose of cannabinoids while others feel calm and relaxed. These differences in experiences have much to do with our DNA, which is why the Toronto-based company Lobo Genetics developed a THC genetic test. The cheek-swab test claims to provide people with a detailed analysis of how their body metabolizes cannabis with information about their sensitivity to THC, all delivered through a smartphone app.

With so much innovation in the industry, it can be very tempting to try out all these new products. Remember to do your research before buying and reach out to companies if you have any questions about their products or technology.

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