Four CBD Product Types to Improve Your Skin Conditions

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Throughout the day, your skin comes into contact with a wide range of pollutants which can cause dryness and irritation and can lead to more severe problems such as acne and psoriasis.

Skin problems often arise when the skin pores become clogged. Outside pollutants and dead skin cells can cause blocked pores. When blockages build up, your pores may appear darker or like little black spots. These spots are a hospitable breeding ground for bacteria, and acne and psoriasis symptoms may become apparent.

While you may be able to treat your condition with moisturizers or over-the-counter medications, many people need a prescription cream from their doctor, which may cause unwanted side effects.

Recent research suggests cannabidiol (CBD) products may help reduce the symptoms of some common skin conditions, which could bring relief to a significant number of sufferers.

  1. Oils

A top-rated product among many consumers is CBD oil. Experts know that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe skin that is swollen or red.[1]

Acne and psoriasis can cause discomfort and itchy or flaky, skin, and may cause embarrassment as they can be unsightly. If you use CBD oil daily, it could help prevent inflammation before it reaches this stage.

  1. Balms

 Many CBD users often prefer to use a balm for their skin conditions. Choose a CBD balm that is infused with other moisturizers such as coconut oil or beeswax to help protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

As your skin absorbs the cream, there is a hydrating effect from the moisturizers, and there may also be anti-inflammatory effects from the CBD.[1] By attacking the conditions on two fronts, you could find symptoms reduced, and skin that feels soothed and nourished.

  1. Creams for Psoriasis

If you suffer from acne or psoriasis, you may wish to purchase a product designed to target that particular ailment.

While there are several types of psoriasis, a common element is that skin becomes flaky and itchy, which can be a cause of significant discomfort. A CBD psoriasis cream with colloidal oatmeal could help reduce these symptoms and contribute to a care routine designed to combat itchy skin. Research has also shown that there is potential for CBD to improve quality of life of those with inflammatory skin conditions.[2]

Colloidal oatmeal forms a protective layer over affected areas, helping to prevent the skin from drying out, and the liposomes aid absorption into the skin for maximum benefit.[1] Psoriasis treatment may be needed long term, so it’s essential to keep your skin in good condition even if symptoms disappear.

  1. Creams for Acne

Acne isn’t just a condition affecting those in their teenage years. It can be a chronic condition that can cause upset to sufferers throughout their lives. Even people with excellent skin may find acne can flare up on occasions.

In these cases, you want to treat acne quickly before it becomes more apparent. This condition can also cause flaky, dry, and itchy skin, and, in severe cases, it can even cause scarring.

CBD may help reduce sebum production in the skin, which causes too much oil and blocked pores.[3] A CBD anti-acne cream can keep the skin hydrated by forming a coating that helps to keep out contaminants. It also may help prevent sebum build-up and fewer breakouts.

Final Thoughts

Skin conditions can cause suffering and reduce the quality of life of those affected. Physical discomfort may make it challenging to sleep or to carry out daily activities, while there may also be anxiety or stress if the conditions are unsightly or cause embarrassment.

Looking after your skin also requires looking after your body. CBD may also help support natural sleep processes and can contribute to restoring balance within the body. If you feel well-rested and take care of your body, then it could help you to tackle common skin conditions.

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