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Hemp & CBD company Aspen Green and Indigo and Haze team up to bring relief to frontline nurses battling COVID-19 at New York Hospital

NEW YORK, NY—When Indigo and Haze founder Elana Frankel ran into her friend and neighbor Renee Sevcik, she thought it was going to be quick hello. Renee, an essential nurse at a hospital in the Bronx, New York, was usually rushing to the ER or home to sleep. On this particular day, however, she and Elana spoke for a while. “I remember thinking that Renee looked tired and complained of aches and pains in her legs and hip,” recalls Elana. “And I wanted to help her.”


Elana, author of the new book Women and Weed (, mentioned that she was testing a new pain relief body balm from a company who worked directly with USDA Certified Organic hemp farmers in Colorado to ensure organic and toxic free ingredients and trusted their soil to shelf supply chain. She gave her a sample of Aspen Green’s Pain Relief Body Balm ( and wished her well.


The next day, Renee called Elana and said she was not giving back the sample as it helped her with the chronic pain and sleep. When Elana mentioned it to Laura Glaser, Business Development for Aspen Green, the next thing she knew, 25 jars were sent over to the nurses on the emergency room floor. Word spread and more nurses needed relief. Continuing with their generosity, Aspen Green has donated another 25 jars to help support these essential workers as they tirelessly work with COVID-19 patients at the epicenter, New York City’s New York Presbyterian Hospital.


As the medical community continues to fight, Aspen Green is committed to providing self care tools to combat compassion fatigue, burnout, chronic pain and stress.


Aspen Green (@aspengreencd)
Elana Frankel (@elanafrnakel) (@indigoandhaze)
Renee Sevcik (@reneesevcik)