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In addition to a solid product lineup, Alpha-Cat offers accessible testing kits for cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids

True price:  0.04€-0.17€ (~$0.05-$0.20)

Product selection: Testing kits, calibration charts, e-liquids, concentrates, tincture oils, body cream, capsules, and isolate

Isolates or full spectrum: Isolates and broad spectrum

Dosage range: 100 to 6,000 mg

Pet products: No

29.00€ from Alpha-Cat

The Good
Unique testing kits • Quality standards • International shipping • Organic & vegan

The Bad
Lab tests not published • Kits may require training

The Bottom Line
If you need to test product potency or just want to enjoy European CBD, Alpha-Cat is worth checking out

Who they are:  Alpha-Cat was founded by French cannabis scientist Sébastien Béguerie with a big goal: to “introduce a high-quality system for better production and usage of medical cannabis.”

It sounds lofty but Alpha-Cat takes strides with its affordable test kits for analyzing cannabinoids. At an international conference in 2013, Sébastien presented research backing up the reliability of the company’s tools. They now offer product training (and their own certification) in cannabis/hemp testing.

And if that weren’t enough, Alpha-Cat also produces high-grade CBD and cannabigerol (CBG) products. The hemp is registered with the European Union and “guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other pollutants.” Although the labels bear “lab tested quality,” certificates of analysis are not published on the site.

Why they’re unique: Alpha-Cat’s claim to fame is their low-cost mobile test kit designed to bring cannabinoid testing to the masses. According to the site, costs add up to about 9 € (~$10.50) per sample–quite a stretch from the usual 100€–200€. Kit users include patients, scientists, developers, and even legendary cultivator/educator, Jorge Cervantes.

What products they have: Cannabinoid test kits and calibration charts, CBD concentrate paste, e-liquids, tinctures, ointment, capsules, and CBD isolate crystal. The tinctures are available with CBD, CBG, or a combination of the two. In each case, the cannabinoids are swimming in extra virgin olive oil from Provence, France. Mmm…

The concentrate paste dishes out up to 2,500 mg CBD from a medical-grade dispenser. E-liquids mingle 100-1,000 mg CBD isolate with a terpene blend that mimics the flavorful chemovar Jack Herer. But alas, time is of the essence, and the test kits deserve some attention.

The Alpha-Cat MINI kit affords 2-8 tests. The process works using a technique called thin-layer chromatography. The practical result is that the test turns certain colors depending on the cannabinoids present. The colors can then be matched to calibration charts. With a little math, it works for low and high potency products.

The MINI kit includes a calibration chart for CBD and THC. But Alpha-Cat also vends charts for CBG, cannabichromene (CBC), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), and cannabinol (CBN).

For 10-40 tests, upgrade to the REGULAR kit. Supplies can be replenished with a refill pack worth another 20 tests. If this doesn’t cut it, you have the option of the Mobile Lab. This is an option geared toward professional use–it even comes with 16 hours of online training.

Bonus: The company’s research team is open to supporting cannabinoid research. Drop them a line!

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