Bluebird Botanicals®

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A premier source for well-tested, reliable CBD

True price:  $0.02 to $0.18

Product selection: Tinctures, capsules, lotion,

and isolate

Isolates or full spectrum: Both

Dosage range: 80 mg to 1,000,000 mg

Pet products: Tincture and capsules

$10 from BlueBird

The Good
Superb quality standards • Bulk options • Cruelty-free • Assistance program • Wholesale • Certified B Corporation®

The Bad
Gelatin capsules • Some complaints about smell and taste

The Bottom Line
Bluebird Botanicals’ exceptional quality standards make their products a staple choice for no-frills CBD

Who they are:  Bluebird Botanicals is a “world-leading manufacturer” that helps set the bar for quality in the CBD industry. The Colorado-based company was founded in 2012 by Brandon Beatty, an apothecary employee, who recruited a “ragtag team of talented individuals” at a time when CBD was still fringe.

The company boasts an impressive array of quality certifications. Bluebird is a Certified B Corporation®, indicating that it meets the “highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.” They are Good Manufacturing Practice compliant and scored 100% on a third-party audit in 2019. Then there’s US Hemp Authority® certification for “high standards, best practices, and self-regulation.”

The batch database allows anyone to look at comprehensive third-party lab testing. Oh, and Bluebird gives back. Recently, this included a $100,000 donation to help feed children. And their assistance discount program is available to low income or disabled individuals, veterans, students, teachers, and civil servants.

Why they’re unique: Plenty of CBD companies consider quality but few prioritize it above all else. That’s the Bluebird difference.

What products they have: Bluebird’s main draw is its array of oil tinctures. Classic is the simplest option with 250 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce in hemp seed oil. Complete includes raw extract and steam-distilled terpenes to maximize the entourage effect. This one comes in organic extra virgin olive oil. Signature takes things in an unconventional direction with organic black cumin seed oil and frankincense extract. These three musketeers are offered in a sample pack. Each is also offered in a concentrated form with 6 times the normal amount of CBD–1,500 mg per ounce.

Other additions to the tincture family include Immune Support with vitamin D3 and 250 mg CBD. If full spectrum isn’t your thing, they have an isolate tincture on tap (1,500 mg per bottle).

Lotions come in three varieties: Essential, Sport, and Silk. Each has 700 mg CBD per 3.4-ounce tub with varying combinations of ingredients like jojoba, carrot, and mint oils. Bluebird also offers soft gel capsules but they are not suitable for vegans because the capsules contain gelatin. High-purity isolate is available as well. Basic companion oil and capsules for pets seat the full-spectrum extract in organic virgin hemp seed oil.

Bonus: Bluebird is a well-established global wholesaler. And automated subscriptions save 15%!

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