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To push beyond full spectrum, Soular Alchemy formulates unique spagyric cannabidiol (CBD) infusions inspired by contemporary alchemy.

True price:  $.05/mg to $0.06/mg

Product selection: Tinctures

Isolates or full spectrum: Full spectrum

Dosage range: 1500 mg or 2500 mg

Pet products: No

$95.00 from Soular Alchemy

The Good
Unique process • Bonus terpenes/extracts • Brand aesthetic • Published lab tests

The Bad
Limited shipping/refunds • Less tried company & products

The Bottom Line
Ready to go beyond full spectrum? Soular Alchemy offers well-tested formulations with a creative, mystical twist.

Who they are:  Soular Alchemy is not your typical CBD company. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the founders, Kristopher Grove and Trevor Polinsky, bring expertise from sound/energy therapy and alchemy. That’s right–Soular is built on an “extensive background in alchemical formulations.”

The spagyric process involves burning leftover hemp biomass, forming crystal salts, and adding the salts back into the extract. Soular’s goal is to bestow new compounds and go “beyond full spectrum” for the most complete tincture possible. Or, more creatively, to give products “their own consciousness” with the “Soul, Spirit, and Body of the plant.”

If this sounds cryptic, rest assured that complete lab testing is a click away. The packaging also reveals terpene and flavonoid counts to direct the user experience.

Several re-brands and product change-ups make the company seem new. While they are not new to the space, personal reviews are lacking. That said, Soular boasts two trade awards for excellence.

Why they’re unique: Spagyric CBD extracts are crafted with contemporary alchemy.

What products they have: Soular Alchemy offers a lineup of tinctures with bonus ingredients to target specific conditions. The Classic comes in 5,000 mg–no more, no less. Like the other tinctures, it comes in organic coconut oil.

The other tinctures pack 1,500 mg CBD. Added terpenes characterize flavors, aromas, and effects. For example, Cleanse turns to frankincense extract for pinene, Copaiba for caryophyllene, Blue Mallee for cineol, Bavarian hops for humulene, lime for limonene, and basil for linalool and terpinolene. These are “believed to eliminate harmful bacteria.”

Euphoria is all about the exhilarating blend of cineol, limonene, and linalool. Relief emphasizes terpenes “believed to minimize pain,” namely myrcene from American hops and borneol from Moroccan thyme.

And then there’s Passion (see photo). This must be the most unique tincture with cacao, turmeric, black pepper, and pink pepper extracts. For one, there are natural alkaloids from pepper, including guineensine and piperine. The cacao confers theobromine, another alkaloid. Curcumin from turmeric tops it off with a host of potential benefits. Ultimately, it’s a blend to stimulate the senses. Oh, and with intense pink/purple branding.

Don’t miss the appropriately named Kush with loads of hemp terpenes. There’s also Calm, Soothe, and Rest, with blends designed relax or sedate.

Note that there is no shipping to Idaho, Nebraska, or South Dakota and definitely nothing international; also, no refunds after opening.

 A site testimonial from Logan explains:I used Soular Alchemy oil this AM and felt all of my stress melt away. I was relaxed and in control of my mind.”

Bonus: If you dig Soular’s vibe, check out their Instagram page: “Mind, Body, & Soular.”

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