Green Roads

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An established and popular cannabidiol (CBD) company with trustworthy products and solid variety

True price:  $.07/mg to $0.50/mg

Product selection: Oil tinctures, roll-ons, creams, capsules, softgels, chocolate, gummies, hemp coffee, and bath bombs

Isolates or full spectrum: Isolate, broad, & full

Dosage range: 25 mg 1500 mg

Pet products: Oil tinctures for dogs & cats

$2.99 from Green Roads

The Good
Well-established company • QR scans for lab tests • Vegan options • Bonus supplements • Rewards program • Military/first responders discount

The Bad
Some complaints about price & taste • Product changeups and discontinuations

The Bottom Line
An OG in the industry, Green Roads is a one-stop shop for legit, well-tested CBD.

Who they are:  South Florida resident Laura Fuentes had worked in pharmaceutical compounding for 20 years. In 2013, her dear friend Arby Barroso asked her about CBD. They experimented a little and noticed major improvements in well-being. Although “determined to bring its potential to more people,” the industry was young. There were obstacles at every turn. But the duo persisted. Today, Green Roads is among the most reputed CBD companies in the nation with thousands of verified reviews.

Third-party laboratory tests are a QR scan away. The reports are comprehensive and easy to read. In the words of Fuentes, “As a pharmacist, I look at our end users as ‘patients’ not customers.” The relatively large company considers customer service its “heart and soul.” That’s a comforting thought.

Why they’re unique: Green Roads is a legacy brand in the CBD industry. They didn’t jump on the bandwagon–they helped start it. Adherence to high quality and customer service has preserved the company’s popularity for years.

What products they have: Oils, various topicals, capsules and softgels, edibles, coffee, and bath bombs. Products are rated as mild, moderate, or mighty depending on CBD dose. Easy peasy!

The hot-selling Original Blend tincture is offered as broad or full spectrum in the three dose ratings: 300 mg (mild), 750 mg (moderate), and 1500 mg (mighty). The broad spectrum version comes with the option for mint or apple-kiwi flavors. Glycerin and oils–MCT, hemp seed, and sunflower–form the base. The pet tinctures nix the glycerin and add “love” to the formula. No animal testing and vegan options!

Other big sellers and staff favorites are the capsules and softgels. Sound plain? Think again: Relax comes with GABA and 5-HTP, superstar supplements in their own right. Sleep replaces those with another proven favorite–melatonin. That’s in addition to 25 mg CBD isolate per capsule/gel.

The most unique product at Green Roads is probably the hemp flower coffee, which combines Colombian beans and American hemp. Coffee connoisseurs, brace yourselves for Founder’s Blend, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut. If that’s not tantalizing enough, consider that Green Roads uses a “closely guarded method to create a CBD coffee experience unlike any other.”

Amy H. was quite pleased with the broad-spectrum oil:This has worked very well for me. The dosing syringe is easy to use. The third-party verification that it has no detectable THC is essential to me.”

Allison E. left this feedback on the Founder’s Blend coffee: “This coffee tastes great and reduces the jittery feeling I get from normal coffee. Everyone who has tried it asks me for some when they come over.”

Bonus: The company’s rewards program may be the most robust in the industry, with points awarded for purchases, social media, and referrals.

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