Wild By Nature

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With slick designs targeting Millenials, this company delivers chic, flavorful products and boasts retail availability.

True price: $0.03/mg to $0.14/mg

Product selection: Vape devices, vape pods, tinctures, oil shots, & apparel

Isolates or full spectrum: Isolate

Dosage range: 100 mg to 3,000 mg

Pet products: No

$14.99 from Wild By Nature

The Good
Ergonomic vapes • Third-party lab tests • Blended flavors • Charitable efforts • Retail availability

The Bad
Proprietary vape compatibility • Site navigation

The Bottom Line
Wild By Nature splashes into the wellness scene with unique vaporizers, fun flavors, and well-tested CBD.

Who they are: Wild By Nature bottles up the California lifestyle to deliver “rediscovery, personal growth, and the pursuit of wholeness.” Recently partnered with AVAIL Vapor, their products retail across 98 locations in 12 states.

Wild By Nature’s logo is a honey bee, symbolizing harmony and balance in the natural world. And it’s not just for looks. They are a Pollinator Partner, supporting our honey bee friends where it counts. That’s what we call warm and fuzzy…and buzzy.

The company is relatively new with a site that could better organized. Even so, Wild By Nature emphasizes natural ingredients, quality standards, and the “sensory experience.” Third-party lab tests are made available by batch number; reports include pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and more. Print outs of the tests come with each purchase for convenience.

Why they’re unique: Wild By Nature sends CBD into mass retail without sacrificing quality standards. The company’s mascot—the honey bee—lets consumers know their purchase is making a difference. Plus, lab reports and fact sheets help guide the new-”bees” among us.

What products they have:  An array of tinctures, single-serve shots, vape pods, and sleek vaporizers to pair with the pods.

Sleek, you say? Indeed—these are not your typical vape devices. The team engineered zinc alloy bodies and surgical steel heating elements for temperatures maintained around 180º C (356º F). Charging “faster than you can finish a yoga class,” vaping is as easy as plugging in a (Wild) pod. Plus, these are small enough for pockets and purses. Discreet, much? Check.

Six flavor options cover the tinctures, shots, and pods. Let’s break it down:

  • Balance: passionfruit & lime
  • Inspire: wild lime & lemon
  • Serene: lavender, rose, & hibiscus
  • Escape: mango & pineapple
  • Chill: mint, menthol, & spearmint
  • Fresh: apple & mint

Tinctures seat either 1,000 mg or 3,000 mg CBD isolate in coconut oil. Six-pack shots with 100 mg each are on tap for travel and convenience. The vape pods are essentially the same but without any oil carriers (no vitamin E acetate). Wild By Nature makes life simple with two starter kits: Venture into Vape and Begin with Balance.

The explicitly Millennial marketing based on their brochures may be fun or irksome. This comes down to the individual. Chill, for example, aims at listeners of Foster the People whose passion centers on “saving the planet one reusable bag at a time.”

Madelaine left this review for the Chill tincture: “I am so thankful for this CBD oil. Being a teacher during these crazy times is super stressful, and this has seriously changed the game for me.”

Bonus: Check out the 1-, 2-, and 4-week subscriptions for 15% savings available for some products. Oh, and keep a look out—CBD lip balm coming soon!

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