Elevated Wellness

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Offering cannabidiol (CBD) products designed for quality and effectiveness

True price: $0.03/mg to $0.16/mg

Product selection: Tinctures, pain cream, and apparel

Isolates or full spectrum: Isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum

Dosage range: 400 mg to 6,000 mg

Pet products: No

$50.00 from Elevated Wellness

The Good
Quality standards • Organic terpene blends • Flavor choices • Wholesale options • Money-back guarantee

The Bad
Limited variety & newer products • Partial lab tests

The Bottom Line
In the market for CBD tinctures or pain cream? Elevated Wellness products are developed by pharmacists and backed by a full guarantee.

Who they are: Based in Austin, Texas, Elevated Wellness is the handiwork of pharmacists on a mission: to produce the “absolute highest quality cannabinoid products” and provide an alternative to “harmful chemicals.” Mission impossible? Think again.

Elevated sets the bar high with carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, US-based organic hemp, and organic terpene blends. Not to mention their Texas laboratories boast ISO-5 and USP-800 certification.

Say what? ISO-5 is a cleanroom standard (particles floating in the air) and USP-800 covers how to handle drugs in healthcare settings. Way to elevate! The QR codes can be scanned for third-party lab reports, which cover cannabinoids and (sometimes) terpenes.

The company has retail locations in Texas that also vend vetted products from other companies. The branded Elevated line is relatively new and less tried. But the company itself is known for splendid customer service.

All in all, don’t mess with Texas.

Why they’re unique: Elevated was founded by healthcare professionals and caters wholesale options to healthcare providers. In other words, don’t be surprised if it shows up on outpatient shelves near you. That said, it can also be purchased through the site or retail locations.

What products they have: Tinctures and pain cream. Oh, and apparel with fun designs!

It’s a short list but there are quite a few options for tinctures. On tap are isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products. CBD Isolate packs up to 5,000 mg CBD per bottle. Don’t forget to pick a flavor: dreamsicle, mint, or strawberry lemonade. The basic Broad Spectrum tincture is similar but tops off at 3,000 mg.

Too plain, Jane? Check out the terpene infusions. These come in broad or full spectrum with up to 6,000 mg per bottle. Focus infuses the essence of Lemon OG Kush with limonene, linalool, nerolidol, and others for clarity and alertness. If that doesn’t cut it, there’s Energy with the terpenes of Ghost Train Haze to put pep in that step. Whew—time to wind down. Relax has got your back with a lineup of terpenes from Granddaddy Purple that features myrcene.

Then there’s Sleep Aid, which is “more potent” than similar products, and delivers 67 mg CBD and 10 mg melatonin per dose. Talk about a knockout!

Elevated uses a proprietary liposomal base in their Pain Cream for “immediate absorption of active ingredients.” There are two options—400 mg and 1,500 mg CBD—but they’re a little different. The low dose is broad spectrum and the high dose is full spectrum. Both feature menthol and camphor although the smaller size has less CBD and more of each terpene.

Bonus: The folks at Elevated are happy to chat and help out!

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