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Groundbreaking Book Demystifies the Science and Use of CBD for Pain Management

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Cannabidiol Can Effectively Treat Chronic Pain Without Devastating Side Effects: Here’s How

Dallas, TX, May 12, 2021—The United States is grappling with a significant drug crisis that can, in large part, be traced back to chronic pain, overprescribing, and opioid dependency. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that just over twenty percent of adults in the United States (nearly half of which is considered high impact). Chronic pain has been linked to limited mobility, anxiety, depression, reduced quality of life, and opioid dependency.

Even in the face of that bleak news, there is hope. David Schroeder’s new book, 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD, has been hailed as a “CBD Pain Management Bible” and has been well received as a comprehensive guide to using cannabidiol to manage pain. 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD weaves a narrative with documented sources and dispels myths while educating readers.

David wrote the book to help others after being confronted with a wide range of information and misinformation on the subject. Painstakingly researched, 7 Ways to Manage Your Pain with CBD is an easy to understand guide for understanding the basics and use of CBD. Covering topics from defining CBD and how to ensure quality and accuracy, from risks (both side effects and legality) to dosage and formulation guides, this book has you covered

Having played in the NFL for over a decade, you’ll understand when I say this book should be in every locker so guys will know about the CBD alternative to opioids. David’s book takes you from beginner to expert in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. For someone who wants to know everything about CBD or has questions, this is the book for them

– Marvin Washington, 1998 NFL Super Bowl Champion, Board Member – Isodiol International Inc

As more and more people use CBD, it is becoming ever more urgent that there is a comprehensive guide to allow people to effectively and safely use CBD without falling prey to charlatans

7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD is available on David’s website: The CBD Writer | Amazon | Barnes& | |

David Schroeder is one of the nation’s foremost advocates for the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for therapeutic pain management. Mr. Schroeder is an autodidactic expert of CBD out of personal necessity. After struggling for many years with chronic pain, David stumbled upon a CBD pain stick—which led the way to his immersive quest in the CBD arena

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