Label misinterpretation of CBD oil and herbal supplements at the customs: 21 years old student detained for four and an half weeks

Written by Sabina Pulone

The 21 a years old student from Thailand, Sirinda Jinparu, was travelling to US to escort her 12 years old sister to her step-father when was stopped at the customs and arrested for an unpleasant misunderstanding.

Sirinda was detained for weeks in the US federal reformatory of Georgia, after being arrested when caught at the airport customs with the accuse of being in possession of narcotics. The unpleasant case started when at the Airport of Atlanta a customs officer, inspecting Sirinda’s bag, found a massage oil with the label “THC” on and a blister of Thai herbal food supplements with labels written only in Thai language. The oil main ingredient was CBD,  it was containing THC below the legal limit of 0.3% and it is legitimately marketed and sold through well-known search engines. The Fah Talai Jone herbal extract is commonly used in Thailand to strengthen the immune system against Corona-virus and was not containing any restricted plant or chemical.

Customs took Sirinda into custody, believing that the oil was containing THC and that the pills were containing Cannabis and informed her that her visa was revoked. After being send to the local police office they turned her back to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcements with the indication to deport her immediately to Thailand with 5 years ban from US. Many efforts have been made by her step-father and her biological father in order to claim her US Citizenship. The undesirable situation lasted for four weeks and an half in which Sirinda was suffering from the forced confinement and the impossibility of meeting her family. The step-father stated that Sirinda was sent back to Thailand the 10th of June and that she was told her visa was reinstated and available to be picked up in US ambassy in Bangkok. A very disagreeable vicissitude and subsequent worthless concerns for Sirinda and her family.






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