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FloGroHoney is all-natural, raw, and Florida Grown. Our process is simple, we minimally process our ingredients to provide you with everything nature wanted you to have. Many brands are pasteurized which kills most of the beneficial nutrients, but gives you that golden, pure look people think is the natural color. Because we do not filter our honey, it contains traces of beeswax, honeycomb, and pollen – each providing individual benefits and antioxidant-rich qualities.
Honey has a long history being used as remedies for many conditions both medical and physical, so we try to keep it as natural as mother nature intended. Our mission is to provide you with a superfood that is not only delicious, but also supports and optimizes your health and wellbeing.
Obviously if this much detail goes into our honey, you would only expect us to be as diligent and careful when we infuse Full Spectrum Hemp Extract into our products. Everything is carefully made in-house, and tested by 3rd parties. We strive to provide the highest quality extract, free of any pesticides or heavy metals, and we proudly display our certificates of analysis on every batch made.

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