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Get The Skinny On CBD Summer Skincare

Written by Lisa Rennie

Topicals with cannabidiol (CBD) as the main active ingredient are nothing new, but with summer in full swing, they’re becoming quite popular as part of an overall skincare regimen, particularly when it comes to protecting the skin against the potentially harmful UV rays. Leaving your skin unprotected when out in the sun for an extended period of time can be dangerous, especially for those who have particularly sensitive skin.

CBD has been linked to a seemingly unending list of benefits, and protecting the skin is just one of them.


CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties For Better Skin Health

For starters, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep the skin from becoming inflamed by the sun’s rays. [1] And when combined with other active ingredients that are common in sunscreen products, like zinc oxide, CBD can work wonders at keeping the skin healthy, hydrated, and protected under the sun.

In fact, it’s CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties that has linked the cannabinoid to a plethora of health benefits, including promoting better skin. [2] CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system in the body allows it to work at a cellular level to reduce inflammation, which is not only at the heart of sunburns after a day outdoors, but also eczema, acne, and other skin conditions that cause flare-ups due to underlying inflammation.

CBD skincare products are also often infused with essential oils to add another layer of protection to the skin while adding an aromatic component to the product.

Summer skincare should also focus on hydration, which is why moisturisers should be regularly applied to avoid dry skin that tends to accompany a day out in the sun. Applying a moisturizer underneath sunscreen can keep the skin well-hydrated while the sunscreen acts to shield from UV rays.

There is an increasing number of moisturizers out there that already come infused with CBD. But if you already have a favorite that you use on a regular basis, adding a few drops of CBD oil can help boost the moisturizing and hydrating properties of the skin.


Lip Protection With CBD

In addition to providing protection to the skin on the face and body, it’s important not to ignore the lips. There are several lip products available that feature both moisturizing properties with added SPF protection against the sun.

But many more are being introduced into the market that are enriched with CBD oil to help nourish the lips and avoid issues like dryness, chapping, and more serious issues related to sun exposure. Again, CBD lip products also tend to feature other ingredients to maximize protection and hydration, including beeswax and essential oils.

Enjoy the summer safely with premium CBD-infused skincare products.


Image source: Igor Link from Pixabay




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