A Win for CBD: CBD Podcast Named Podcast of the Year

Written by Petar Petrov

PR Daily’s 2021 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards has named CPG & CBD University Podcast by Global Widget, the manufacturer and distributor behind the popular CBD brand Hemp Bombs,   Podcast of the Year.

Considering the prominence of podcasts, digital marketing, and social media occupy in the mainstream, this award is a major win not just for Global Widget, but for the entire CBD industry altogether, a true testament to its progress and increasing legitimacy.

To put the success into perspective, the CPG & CBD University Podcast, formerly known as the CBD University Podcast, has only been on air for less than 3 years, since November 2019, while the legal CBD industry as a whole has been around for just one more year, since the 2018 Farm Bill.

The CPG & CBD University Podcast has had 91 episodes, discussing everything from CBD policies and regulations, cannabis and hemp, Delta-8-THC, collaborations and innovations in the evolving CBD industry, making headlines in the CBD space, and more.

It’s almost impossible to have a great podcast, at least in a field as complex and multi-faceted as the CBD one, without expert guests to help listeners piece the full landscape together and navigate it. Some of the guests who have contributed to the podcast’s success include Nikki Fried, State of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Holly Bell, Director of Cannabis, State of Florida, and Michael Patterson, CEO, U.S. Cannabis Pharmaceutical and Research.

“Since the launch of our podcast, it has been our mission to educate consumers, retailers and distributors on everything CBD, health and wellness,” says Joe Agostinelli, host of the CPG & CBD University Podcast and Global Widget’s PR Manager. “In an evolving industry, it is essential our audience has the latest regulatory, scientific research and product news, along with insights from leaders in the industry.”

The CPG & CBD University Podcast comes out weekly and is available on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and other major podcast platforms.

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Petar is a freelance writer and copywriter, covering culture, art, society, and anything in-between that makes for a nice story. And as it so happens, cannabis is a great element to add to each of those conversations.