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CBD Goes Beyond Cannabinoids

Written by Sabine Downer

As cannabidiol (CBD) grows in popularity as a dietary supplement, it is important to remember that it does not have FDA approval for that use. The combination of CBD with vitamins and other dietary supplements has almost no safety or efficacy research. This is significant because CBD is known to have adverse interaction with many drugs like warfarin, statins, and anti-seizure medications [2, 4, 8]. While there is no data to say that CBD vitamin supplements are safe or effective, there’s also little data saying that they are not. So, what do we know about mixing CBD with dietary supplements?


CBD and Folic Acid

‌Researchers observed that combining cannabinoids like THC and CBD with the dietary supplement folic acid (vitamin B9) increases their activity and prolongs effects [6]. The researchers emphasize that while folic acid is beneficial during pregnancy, pregnant or nursing women should not consume cannabinoids. While a supplement with CBD and folic acid might be helpful to a normal adult, it can have negative outcomes for pregnancy and hinder fetal development.


‌CBD and Melatonin

The aerial parts of hemp have been found to naturally produce melatonin in quantities comparable to European olive and bay laurel [1]. While mixing CBD with sedative drugs can create an additive effect of sedation that researchers warn against [2], melatonin is naturally present in hemp. While CBD melatonin supplements are formulated with more melatonin than is naturally present, there is not yet evidence of adverse effects.

A small 2020 study treated autism patients with a supplement of CBD, melatonin, and oxytocin in an aim to balance neuroendocrine deficiencies that are typical of autism [3]. Positive results were observed in the twelve patients that participated, with better sleep, less anxiety, and improved socialization.


CBD and Vitamin D

Compounds like vitamin D and drugs like statins, blood thinners, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medications are metabolized by the P-450 enzyme system [5]. It is important to do your research when taking CBD in combination with other compounds because if those other compounds are metabolized by the P-450 enzyme system, it is likely that CBD will have some interaction with them. That interaction can affect duration and potency, sometimes boosting activity, or in the case of vitamin D, reducing its activity [7].


Should You Take CBD Vitamin Supplements?

Ultimately, only your doctor is qualified to say what products are safe for you to use. It is important to talk with them and inform them of any supplements you are taking in addition to prescription and non-prescription medications. With that in mind, there have not been any publicized complaints about adverse effects of CBD vitamin supplements and they do appear to be well tolerated by most people. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid cannabinoid-containing products though.



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Image: Photo by Plants for Persephone on Unsplash

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