Millennials & Gen Xers Are Driving the CBD Market

Written by Lisa Rennie

The younger crowd is currently behind the booming CBD market.

According to recent findings from Chicago-based research firm Brightfield Group, millennials and Gen Xers make up 71% of CBD consumers. Millennials, in particular, consume even more CBD per day than Gen Xers.

The younger generation may be more inclined to incorporate CBD into their daily regimen because of their enhanced familiarity with the cannabinoid, especially when compared to older generations like Baby Boomers.

The findings from the research firm also suggest that “word of mouth” is the most common way that both generations learn about CBD. But the exact ways that each demographic hears about CBD and learns about its potential benefits and uses vary somewhat.

Millennials more often first become aware of CBD through social interactions, including social media platforms and from cannabis dispensary staff. And Gen Xers tend to take the more traditional routes of learning about CBD, such as through doctors, newspapers, and the TV.

People who are not willing to try CBD are those who are not as well-informed about the cannabinoid. More specifically, the Brightfield Group report showed that 17% of poll respondents are not open to give CBD a try because they don’t want to experience any mind-altering effects, which doesn’t happen with this particular cannabinoid. And 16% think CBD is not effective.

Further, 18% of consumers polled say they don’t use CBD because they simply don’t know as much about CBD as they probably should. Most of the people who make up this 18% are Baby Boomers.

In terms of frequency of use, both generations use CBD on a daily basis, though Millennials take higher doses each day.

As both Millennials and Gen Xers get more experienced with CBD, their specific preferences will also become more fine-tuned. This information is vital for CBD retailers, as it helps them better target their marketing efforts.

Taking steps to eliminate the stigmas that some people may have about CBD due to its affiliation with the psychoactive properties of cannabis is also important. Such steps can include effective advertising and education about cannabis- and hemp-related products. With so much to learn about CBD products and their various uses, education is key.


Image source: Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

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