Three Unique Ways to Revitalize Your Mental Health

Written by Len May

How’s your mental health?
  We all struggle to some extent to balance our mental well-being, especially now as we transition from lockdowns, restrictions, and a polarized society.  The COVID pandemic exposed how pervasive anxiety and mood disorders are in our communities.  The silver lining may be that our stigmatizing attitude toward mental health has changed, bringing awareness to techniques that boost your mental health. Here are three alternative approaches to boost your mood.

Forest Bathing
Yes, you read this correctly.  Forest Bathing might sound a little bizarre, but considerable scientific evidence supports this practice of connecting with nature.   The Japanese pioneered forest bathing in the 1980s.

Research has demonstrated that forest bathing can reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels and improve concentration and memory. Interestingly, a chemical released by trees and plants, called phytoncides, has demonstrated the ability to boost the immune system.

Forest bathing has so many benefits that the Japanese government incorporated it into the country’s health program. It continues to be adopted by other countries as an effective “social prescription” for stress management.  And another reason why protecting our climate is good for our health.


Forest Bathing Basics

  1. Create a distraction-free zone by leaving your phone and tech behind.
  2. Focus on sensations, find space to be mindful, present, and one with nature.
  3. Don’t dictate your path; instead, allow your body and your mind to wander.

Tech-up for the Neck Up
There is a growing movement to set aside all your tech devices one day per week.  Put your tech up on a shelf and leave it alone for 24 hours. Avoid social media and email.  It is essentially a digital detox.

People who practice this report increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction with their weekly routines.  A tech-free 24 hours promotes stress reduction and gives time to slow down and step away from the constant disruption that technology interjects into our daily routines.  A tech-less day is an opportunity to get outside, read a book, or start a new hobby.  A digital detox can contribute to improving your mood while reducing feelings of anxiety and depression.


How to Start a Digital Detox

  1. Pick one day out of your week to disconnect from technology.
  2. Plan or make a list in advance of what you want to do on your tech-free day.
  3. Document or journal how you feel. You may be surprised by how good your mood is.

Personalized CBD and Cannabis Products for Mental Health
Have you ever smoked a joint,  ingested cannabis gummy, or sipped that CBD elixir you purchased at the gas station?  You thought it would help you relax.  Instead, you may have been overwhelmed with anxiety; maybe your head spins, or conversely, you feel nothing—a waste of time and money.

Whatever negative experience you had shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with cannabinoid products for your mental health.  Emerging research has discovered that CBD has psychotropic properties, similar to anti-depressant drugs.  Cannabis products with THC can elevate your mood, but how much THC should you consume?

Research studies have identified the most prevalent mental health categories where cannabinoids may be beneficial: Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, and Cognition.

So, where do you find the right cannabinoid products?  Well, that’s personal.  Because your genetics influence how you experience cannabis and even CBD.  Your DNA can determine how well your body can metabolize that gummy or if you may be susceptible to side effects.  Conversely, your DNA can identify the optimal type and dose for cannabis and CBD to address anxiety, mood, sleep and focus.


EndoDNA, a company specializing in genetics and precision medicine, has developed a DNA test to guide your cannabis experience.  A simple swab on the inside of your cheeks and your EndoDNA report will analyze your genes and match you with your optimal product types.  If you already have a DNA report from 23andMe or Ancestry DNA, upload your DNA file and receive your results instantaneously.

Let your DNA show you the way.  Because when it comes to revitalizing your mental health, well, it’s personal. Get started at endodna.com.

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