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What is Cellular Health?

Written by Antonio DeRose

Throughout the past several years the topic of cellular health has been gaining attention among medical professionals. Cellular health is something that affects us all. Because of this, knowing how to improve our cellular health is of great importance if we’re interested in our overall health and wellness, but where do we start?


What is Cellular Health?
Let’s start with what the term means exactly. Cellular health is what it sounds like. It refers to the health of the cells within our body. It can also be referred to as mitochondrial health. Mitochondria are organelles inside of our cells that are responsible for producing almost all of our body’s natural energy. They’re often referred to as the powerhouses of our cells.


Why is Cellular Health Important?
Keeping your cells healthy is important because the health of your cells determines how effectively and efficiently your body completes biological functions and biochemical reactions. Poor cellular health can lead to a plethora of negative health conditions. The healthier your cells are, the better they do their jobs, and that means an all-around healthier you.


How Do You Improve Cellular Health?
There are a lot of variables that can impact cellular health. Our cells are impacted by genetics, age, diet, exercise levels, and disease. Although you can’t choose your genetics or your age, you can do something about your diet and exercise. At least those are the two most impactful variables we have the most control over according to physician, scientist, and author of Eat to Beat Disease, Dr. William W. Li. He says that through diet and exercise, we can influence the health of our bodies at a cellular level to “become stronger, healthier, and more able to resist and fight the diseases that we fear the most.” [1]


CBD and Cellular Health
Dr. Li also discusses the use of cellular health supplementation in his book. He doesn’t mention CBD, but other scientists have found definitive research concluding that CBD has positive effects on cellular health. Current research does suggest that CBD may be an adequate supplement for improving cellular health and functioning.



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