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The CBD Expo Returns to Indianapolis for the Fourth Year Featuring a Delta 8 Twist… Here’s What to Expect

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MACE Media Group, Publishers of CBD Health and Wellness and Delta 8 Magazine as well as the Producer of The Original CBD Expo TOUR bring the popular expo back to Indy for the fourth time on December 9th-10th at the Indianapolis Marriott East.

This year the show will give a specific presence to the emerging Delta 8 THC market to compliment the CBD products being offered. This event will feature more than 60 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of panel discussions from experts in cannabinoid research, production, globalization, and sales of Delta 8 and CBD products. The upcoming show will introduce the company’s new approach to the ever-changing trade show experience in the industry.

“After every show, we debrief and analyze feedback from our exhibitors, speakers, and general attendees, to discuss what worked and what can be worked on”, said Celeste Miranda, CEO of MACE Media Group. “My team and I carefully analyze each comment, post, and email to mold our next show around what the buyers and consumers want. We are seeing an evolution of forward-thinking expansion in the space.” Said Miranda,

One notable change is to the educational panel discussions. The Delta 8:CBD Expo will now include discussions on Extraction of Cannabinoids & Mushrooms, Psychedelics, Conversions of Cannabinoids, Integrative and Plant Cellular Health, and other topics at the upcoming event in Indy. The Delta 8:CBD Expo will also introduce its Buyers Club, an exclusive Industry Buyers Club of over 8,000 retailers throughout the world that are privy to deals, discounts, and first tier product announcements from the expo’s exhibitors.

The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo Tour will also include two workshops a day prior to the show. The Dr. John Mackay’s Institute of Extraction Technology Hosted by Dr. John Mackay, Ph.D., will cover conventional processes currently used in cannabis and mushroom extraction. The Cannabinoid Entrepreneurship 22.0, taught by CEO of MACE Media Group, Celeste Miranda will teach business owners, start-ups, and marketers how to Increase sales and exposure for your Cannabinoid Business.

About The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo Tour

The first of its kind to bring the largest Delta 8 & CBD event platform to broadcast products with the community and share knowledge with the industry. The Delta 8 in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour will be held in Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, and Florida.


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