CBD Product Packaging… What’s Important?

Written by Denise Recalde

As more companies increasingly join the CBD product marketplace due to rip-roaring sales of hemp-derived products, every aspect of your product’s marketing has to resonate right with consumer expectations so that your product stands out among all the items-to-buy on the shelf. Terrific packaging is vital to catching the eye, and granting instant recognizability, while altogether presenting a good appealing “face” for your brand.

Let’s take a look on what elements work best for a stellar packaging of your CBD products:


1 – The Right Logo

According to logo designers, warm colors, hand-drawn imperfections and rounded lines work best in the crafting of a CBD product logo that appeals and captivates. This particular combination of design elements tends to calm and relax people who gaze at the logo, the experts say. What also works best is a logo with a sharp, sleek finish; straight, clean edges; and neutral, cool colors, they add. These two options of logo design elements are great conversation starters to have with your team of expert designers, in your pursuit of a logo that fits the personality of your company to a “t”.


2 — The Right Colors

Hot and trending packaging color schemes in the CBD market are any and all colors that remind the customer of Nature, making green and brown clear first choices. Blue also “clicks” with customers – with many a design professional saying it’s the best color for conveying trust. However, as the market for CBD products continues to evolve and change, brand packaging in completely different colors from the ones just mentioned may be particularly eye-appealing, as CBD product shelfs are packed with packages in Nature colors. Whatever colors you fancy, do diligent work in finding, shopping and ultimately, picking the right band of packaging designers for you. These people can expertly guide you down any bold, maverick path to a truly unique packaging color scheme, or to a color palette that is conservatively pleasant.


3 — Finding a Font that Fits

The typography used in CBD packaging design and branding can either make or break your brand. Know your target audience well and carefully explore your brand personality before settling on a choice of typography. If your niche is CBD wellness, for example, a refined typeface such as contemporary clean sans serif font or a simple serif font can settle the question. If your brand has a casual feel about it, a slightly bolder font – for instance, a hand-drawn font – can convey this well. Find a font that fits your brand personality.

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