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Israel Removing CBD From Dangerous Drug Ordinance

Written by Christina Major

One of the last countries to ban CBD, Israel is now moving away from the total prohibition against this health-related chemical. Although limited, Israelis will soon be able to obtain certain products that contain CBD that can improve their health and treat several medical conditions.


What Israelis Can Now Get

Up until now, Israelis could not get any CBD products at all – they were completely illegal, ranking with heroin and LSD.

Fortunately, the prevailing push for medical CBD and research showing its benefits has changed minds. With the change in designation, CBD products can be imported into the country. The hope is medical CBD use becomes more prominent and other more dangerous pharmaceuticals, such as opioids, become more manageable.

The CBD has to be very specific types, however. Under the new regulations, CBD may not be used in food, nutritional supplements, or cosmetics for the next two years. At that time, the commission will re-evaluate the use of CBD within the country and the products being brought in.

Another strict regulation is that no product may contain more than 0.3% CBD. This also limits the type of product and quality that comes into the country. Products will have strict and specific testing to prove their effectiveness and potency.

Other products derived from the cannabis plants, such as THC and various other cannabinoids and terpenes, are still strictly prohibited. In addition, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products are not permitted.

The commission instituted policies that make investigation and prosecution of illegal products easier, especially those coming from internet sales. As many manufacturers and distributors are from the US, documentation and proper testing come at the forefront of their concerns.


Future Plans For CBD

People are ecstatic that these products can now be imported into Israel. Of course, there are still other religious and social considerations, but the commission wanted to allow the possibility for medical use.

“There are many prejudices in everything related to the cannabis plant,” Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said to The Jerusalem Post regarding this decision. “…For several years now, Israel has been lagging behind advanced countries in the world in this matter, and it continues to incriminate and prevent the use of components that are not dangerous to public health. We will now close that gap.”

Israel is one of the countries that tend to be at the forefront of advanced medical technology. Allowing CBD for its citizens opens up many new pathways for healing and general health.

This might help bring a more cohesive and understandable system to the US for both manufacturers and sellers of CBD and cannabis products. We’ll be watching this development in the next couple of years to see what other avenues may open up for CBD products.

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