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Will Delta 8 Survive the Ever Increasing State Wide Bans?

Written by Antonio DeRose

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (D8) is currently illegal in 13 states throughout the U.S. At the same time, Michigan and Connecticut both regulate D8 like recreational cannabis, while 31 other states have no laws banning D8.

Since the majority of states allow D8, it may look as if businesses that sell D8 products have nothing to worry about. However, the future of D8 remains foggy. Fights are still going on between both sides of the argument.

Take for example what happened recently in Virginia, where the Governor’s attempt to ban D8 was stopped at the last minute. The topic has been tabled for discussion until the 2023 legislative session. These battles between legislators is expected to continue as opponents of D8 stress concerns about consumer safety.


Delta 8 in Europe

There are many D8 trends in Europe right now. D8 is classified as a novel food in Europe. This makes D8 products legal for production and sale within the European Union. Europe is not expected to change its stance on D8 any time soon. They are, however, cracking down on unlicensed D8 product manufacturers and sellers by completing regulated inspections.


The Future of Delta 8 in The United States

As for how D8 will fare in the U.S., only time will really tell. We can expect to see more states push for bans. Some of them may pass, while other ban attempts will face similar fates of being thwarted like the incident in Virginia.

As long there is still a strong demand for D8 from consumers, you can guarantee some states will allow it just for the state commerce. Unless the federal government steps in to intervene, although the DEA has already clarified D8 as legal, we shouldn’t expect to see any country-wide bans of D8.


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