Difference between Hemp-Derived & Cannabis-Derived CBD

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Beyond finding CBD products in natural health food stores, vitamin shops, and health care offices, they are also taking over the shelves of cafes, vape shops, salons, and even gas stations. But many CBD consumers may not fully understand what’s in their CBD or what makes each product different. Misinformation, or at best, vague information is abundant in this market. In order to combat misinformation, there are a couple of key starting points that can include but are not limited to 1) Understanding the differences in sourcing of ingredients and 2) Understanding what types of information can legally be shared.There have been countering points of view regarding the difference of CBD derived from hemp vs cannabis. But is this true? We know that the legal differentiation of hemp (Cannabis Sativa L) and cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L) is the THC concentration, with hemp containing <.3% THC. What are the differences beyond this single cannabinoid? With genetic testing, manipulation, and the understanding that there is more to cannabis than CBD and THC; is there truly a difference in extracting from one versus the other? Once this is comprehended, then comes the understanding of the claims that can be made with regards to the effectiveness of any given product. This is where clinical documentation and trials are required.

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