How is cannabis turned into CBD oil?

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According to statistics, over 14% of adults in the US have been using CBD-infused products since 2019. Some of these individuals even swap over-the-counter medications for CBD-infused products as these are safer and more effective alternatives. Although CBD oil is made from cannabis, a compound also known as marijuana, more and more people choose to use the product because of its scientifically proven health benefits.

Since cannabis is a flowering plant, have you ever wondered how these are turned into CBD oil? Are you curious what are the processes involved to change the composition of cannabis into liquid? This article can answer all of these questions and provide more information on how CBD oil is made.

Everything begins with choosing high-quality cannabis

Creating high-quality CBD oil solely depends on the quality of the cannabis plant used in the extraction process. This process will require a lot of time and effort as businesses need to source high-quality cannabis seeds. You can also follow the cannabis business trends by reaching out to different cannabis seed suppliers, comparing their products, and spending some time to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Aside from affecting the quality of the CBD oil, choosing a cannabis seed supplier is a very important decision to make because the saleability of the product also relies on the legitimacy of the supplier. Regardless of the extraction process you’re planning on using, if your cannabis plants are grown from low-quality seeds, do not expect that you’ll end up with high-quality CBD oil.

After finding high-quality cannabis seeds, these will be planted in a grow room with the appropriate temperature and humidity. This requires constant monitoring because a sudden change in temperature and humidity can have a drastic impact on the growth and life of cannabis. You should also provide the right nutrients and get the right airflow to ensure that the cannabis plants grow healthy.

Comparing different CBD Oil extraction methods

Checking reputable websites such as Everything But The Plant will tell you that CBD oil is actually made using different extraction methods. But even if these extraction methods differ on the length of the process and the compounds used during the process, all of these create the same product – high-quality CBD oil.

Some of the most common extraction methods used by CBD oil manufacturers are:

1. CBD Alcohol Extraction

As the name suggests, this extraction method includes the use of isopropyl or ethanol alcohol. In this extraction method, the cannabis plants are saturated with alcohol in order to form a solution that contains extract components to be used in CBD oil. After extracting the necessary components, the alcohol will be removed from the mixture through a distillation process.

Aside from removing the alcohol from the mixture, the distillation process also removes the chlorophyll from the cannabis plants (the natural color of plants) and enhances the natural components found in cannabis. Most small and new businesses use this extraction method because of its cost-effectivity. After the distillation process, the alcohol can actually be recycled for another set of extraction processes.

2. CBD Oil Extraction

Cannabinoid extraction is one of the oldest methods in turning cannabis plants into CBD oil. This extraction method will include “infusing” the CBD oil with hemp raw material that allows the cannabis plants to release oil-soluble components. This extraction method is very similar to when you’re brewing a cup of tea.

Although relatively easy, one of the biggest drawbacks of this extraction method is not being able to remove oil. When this happens, the CBD oil becomes less potent, and other unwanted components such as THC are not removed from the mixture. Aside from this, CBD oil extraction will require the use of vegetable oil, which can be very expensive.

3. CBD Butane Extraction

Just like different types of alcohol, butane can also be used as a solvent for cannabinoids. Butane is a compound that is very volatile and can effectively remove other solvents present in the cannabis plants. This effect will be enhanced if butane is applied with heat or a slight vacuum.  However, manufacturers have to pay careful attention to using butane in the extraction process because this compound is highly flammable and explosive.

4. CBD Rosin Extraction

The CBD rosin extraction method is done without the use of any solvent. Unlike the butane extraction method that uses a highly flammable compound, the CBD rosin extraction method only uses heat and high pressure in order to gain a resinous extract from the cannabis plants. This extraction method has to be very thorough because using the inappropriate amount of heat and pressure can significantly damage the leaves of the cannabis plant and make it less potent.

The CBD rosin extraction method is getting more and more popular among small and new businesses because the end product also includes important plant compounds such as terpenes.

5. Winterization

Unlike other extraction methods, winterization is still new in the CBD industry. In this extraction method, undesirable elements that are naturally present in the cannabis plants are removed. These elements can usually include high amounts of fats, lipids, and waxes. Without these elements, the CBD oil becomes more potent, and its essential elements are enhanced. This extraction method will produce crude oil that will still require refining.

Once the crude oil is extracted from the cannabis plants, about 200 proof alcohols will be combined and stirred vigorously until all of the compounds form one mixture. This mixture will be placed in an industrial freezer overnight and will undergo filtration in the morning. The removal of unnecessary elements from the cannabis plants will be done during the infiltration process. After this process, the alcohol will be removed using heat, and the remaining mixture will be warmed.

Pay attention to details

With the number of businesses selling CBD oil in the market today, it’s important that you know how to determine the ones that are made from quality cannabis and went through the necessary extraction process. These properties are essential to ensure that you can truly experience the health benefits of CBD oil and keep yourself safe from any side effects.

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