A Message from the President of the Board: Current State of Events

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As President of the Board for CBDIA,

I would like to first send our condolences to the family of Mr. George Floyd. Whenever a life is lost due to unnecessary violence, it is a tragedy that is felt throughout the world as we are now seeing expressed in various ways throughout communities around the globe.

As an international organization dedicated to serving Cannabinoid businesses and professionals- we are grateful to have created a diverse culture of professionals and business owners from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and cultures who are committed to raising the standards of this industry as well as their communities.

As an organization we have a strict zero tolerance policy for racism and violence. We stand for equal rights and support the change we need to make so that our neighborhoods are safe and our fellow citizens and businesses are protected. We expect our members to uphold these principles as individuals and businesses leading as an example in their local communities.

During these difficult times we urge our members to stay safe and to reach out to the CBDIA community for support if needed.

Wishing everyone strength, love and light.

Priscilla P. Agoncillo

President of the Board

Cannabinoid Industry Association

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