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PORTLAND, OR (6/8/2020)- Farmer’s Friend Extracts (FFE), a highly respected and established cannabis processor in Portland, is launching the first CBN-rich product in the Oregon recreational cannabis market.​ ​The release of this tincture is momentous in helping those seeking plant alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Similar to CBD, CBN (cannabinol) has the potential to help millions. “The cannabis world has been revolutionized by the emergence and research of CBD. We believe the next cannabinoid to change the world will be CBN.” -Travis Turnsen, Founder, The CBD Apothecary

Although the precise effects of CBN have not been fully explored in human trials, there is research indicating that CBN may help with sleep, sedation, pain, appetite stimulation, neurological conditions, certain cancers and more. Documented studies are provided on their website (​​ ). “FFE is proud to introduce the first CBN/THC products into Oregon. Our focused intent is to positively impact adult’s daily lives while continuing innovation.” -Peter Racht, Founder, FFE PDX.

What’s in the tincture? The CBN is sourced from Floraworks, who isolates CBN from Oregon hemp. The THC is sourced from Oregon cannabis and processed by Farmer’s Friend Extracts producing Refined Cannabis Oil (RCO) that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. They work with Lightscale Labs, a leader in cannabis testing, to test each product for potency, pesticides, residual solvents, and terpenes. The tincture is vegan, sugar free, discreet to use, and effective.​ ​MSRP is $30 for the 1oz bottle containing 30 servings.

Farmer’s Friend Extracts was founded in 2015 and awarded the first medical cannabis processing license in Portland. FFE products include tinctures under the CBD Apothecary label. Their mission is to produce the highest quality medical grade cannabis extracts for Oregon’s medical patients as well as the recreational market using clean source material and preserving the inherent diversity of cannabinoids and terpenoids. Their products contain the full spectrum of benefits from cannabis with no unnecessary ingredients. They are locally owned, operated and financed.




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