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New Cannabinoid Products to Help Relieve Social Awkwardness, Hangovers, and Crappy Moods

Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Company Formulates Unique Chewable Tablets and Topicals Using CBG, CBD, CBN and Customized Terpene Blends

Denver, Colo. (Aug. 8, 2020)—In honor of National CBD Day, a team of chemistry experts in Colorado launched Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. The cannabinoid company is premiering a line of go-to, THC-free, CBG, CBD, and CBN chewable tablets and natural topical products.

In addition to the well-known cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), Crappy’s uses state-of-the art formulation chemistry to precisely blend other minor cannabinoids into the mix, such as cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN). Instead of using the “one-size-fits-all” model, Crappy’s products leverage unique terpene blends and proprietary formulations for very specific use cases. The Company’s tablets in particular are crafted using proprietary technology that significantly boosts absorption, resulting in bioavailability that’s unparalleled in the industry today.

The pithy Company name came about several years ago, much before the Farm Bill was passed, sparking the major CBD boom. “Crappy” was originally a fun-loving nickname for the company’s CEO and Founder, Chris Denicola.

“I was never in the best mood when coming into the office after a long weekend of too much fun. My colleagues at the time, who are now a part of the Crappy’s team, always knew what was up, and they jokingly called me Crappy until my mood started to pick up again toward the end of the week,” said Denicola. “I was constantly running on all cylinders, and I know I’m not the only one who experiences this. These products are made with the weekend warrior in mind who strives to maintain a work-life balance while working hard and sometimes playing a little harder.”

In addition to Denicola’s extensive experience in big pharma, focusing on quality control and chromatography, his team brings over 75 years of analytical experience to the table, including work in Quality Assurance testing and consumer safety testing in the cannabis and hemp market.

Crappy’s Chewable Tablets come in three social oriented formulas: Party Prep, Hangover Helper, and Fade Fighter. Crappy’s Party Prep tablets contain a combination of CBG and CBD made to combat social anxiety and ease pre-function jitters. Crappy’s Hangover Helper uses a blend of CBG, CBD, and CBN made to provide relief that many of us need after a long evening of drinking with friends, or while in quarantine on your own. The last formula of the three, Fade Fighter, contains CBG and CBD, allows for a focused pick-me-up that gets you through the workday or workout. All three varieties of the Crappy’s Feel Better tablets come in a convenient Trial Pack (MSRP $5.00) allowing consumers to test out three tablets before purchasing a full bottle (MSRP $35.00) for more continuous use. All tablets are THC-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Crappy’s also launched three CBD topical products: Muscle Marvel, a natural liniment for achy joints, Skin Stuff, a natural salve for rashes, burns ,or scrapes, and Lip Crap, a soothing lip balm for chapped or sunburnt lips. The Muscle Marvel natural muscle and joint liniment (MSRP $30.00) contains 750mg of scientifically blended CBD, with approximately 15mg in each pump for precise and repeatable dosing. Crappy’s Skin Stuff also contains 750mg of CBD (MSRP $30) and was made for non-stop adventurers who refuse to let bug bites, sun burns, or rashes keep them from doing their thing. Crappy’s Lip Crap utilizes CBD and SPF 15 to soothe chapped and sunburnt lips. The lip balm comes in five throwback flavors: Meemaw’s Mints, Porch Lemonade, Dr. Hemper Cola, Juicy Chew Gum, and Cherry Limeade.

Crappy’s has developed several partnerships to raise awareness among a variety of demographics, starting with a soft launch in the spring via a social media campaign called the “Dabvent Calendar.” This 420 collaboration involving 19 other cannabis and hemp products invited the industry’s most well-known cannabis influencers to an exclusive sneak peek of the products first-hand. Since then, Crappy’s has expanded their reach in the UK, catching the eyes of British award-winning rapper, Starboy Thomas, who’s partnering with Crappy’s to raise brand awareness and educate his fans through social media and music videos. Crappy’s also recently jumped on the subscription box train with Budzy Box, a new CBD box developed exclusively for women who are looking to incorporate CBD into their daily health regimen.


For more information regarding Crappy’s Feel Better products visit the website at or follow Crappy’s on Instagram at @crappysfeelbetter.

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About Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co.

Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. was founded in 2020 when a group of chemists sat down together along the Front Range of Colorado and wondered just how cool life would be if you didn’t have to feel Crappy. Crappy’s Feel Better is a cannabinoid CPG company with a line of easy-to-use CBG, CBD, and CBN products built for people on-the-go. Crappy’s proprietary formulations combine cannabinoids with unique terpene blends, packaged into a small chewable tablet or natural topical. Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. harnesses a team of experts with over 75 combined years of analytical experience. It’s Crappy’s mission to bring the Feel Goods—effective, on-the-go, just-the-right-dose products that are made to do just what you need them to do, so you can get back to doing you. For more information about Crappy’s Feel Better, visit us online at or follow us on Instagram at @crappysfeelbetter.


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