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Creo, A Cannabinoid Ingredient Company, Set to Disrupt Market with Proprietary Production Process Without Plants

Co-founder Roy Lipski leads California-based Creo in collaboration with Genomatica

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 29, 2020 – Creo, an ingredient company with a platform for producing rare cannabinoids, such as CBG, announces its official launch today. Creo, who is  partnered with biotech industry-leader Genomatica, has been developing fermentation-based cannabinoid production technologies since 2016. Creo was co-founded by science entrepreneur and CEO, Roy Lipski, and leading professor of bioengineering, Dr. Ramon Gonzalez.

Creo has the technology to deliver a reliable, high-quality and consistent supply of rare and novel cannabinoid ingredients at commercial scale. With its launch, Creo’s customers will gain access to new ingredients that support their development of innovative products for people everywhere. Samples are now available.

“As early as 2015, we recognized the untapped potential of biotechnology to make cannabinoids better,” said Lipski. “Now working alongside our technology partner Genomatica, we’ve built a strong IP position, developed our core technology, and are ready to move to commercial scale.”

Creo’s brand is built on three core pillars: sustainable innovation, access to abundance and being a trusted partner to customers. Creo’s promise of greater sustainability is why it makes its cannabinoid ingredients using one of the world’s oldest natural processes – fermentation. Fermentation requires less water, energy and land than the plant-based approaches typically used to extract cannabinoid ingredients.

“We are fully committed to Creo in the field of cannabinoids and have strong confidence in their team and the market opportunity,” said Christophe Schilling, co-founder & CEO, Genomatica. “We believe in positive disruptors and are proud to stand by Creo at its launch, and to bring the power of our proven technology innovation engine.”

Creo is backed by both institutional and private capital, with Genomatica being one of the largest shareholders in the business. To date, Creo has received close to $50M in equity investment. Creo has built a strong portfolio of patent applications related to its technology and process, and has high confidence in its freedom-to-operate.

Creo’s first product is CBG. Due to its scarcity (typically <0.5% by weight), up until now, customers have struggled to access the benefits of this important non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

“As the cannabinoid industry continues to grow, Creo is entering the marketplace as a true innovator, with a focus on our customers and their needs,” said Shuchi Sarkar, CMO, Creo. “Creo will be known for its reliability, with our products independently tested by Eurofins, one of the most respected third-party labs.”

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Creo’s Leadership Team Background

Roy Lipski, CEO, is an entrepreneur with a background in, and deep passion for, biotech. He has led growing technology companies based on cutting-edge science for more than 20 years. Prior to forming Creo, Roy successfully founded several other pioneering technology companies, including Infonic, an early AI software business, and Oxford Catalysts, a publicly listed renewable fuels technology company.

Alastair James, Executive Director, brings a breadth of experience ranging from building start-up ventures to holding senior positions at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Prior to his role at Creo, Alastair was a Managing Director at UniCredit in London and New York, most recently in the role of business manager of the global Rates business, a $500 million-plus trading operation.

Shuchi Sarkar, CMO, is an accomplished marketer with more than 25 years of broad experience at world-leading technology companies including HP, Compaq, Motorola and Ogilvy Advertising. Prior to joining Creo, she was the Global Head of Marketing for HP’s digital printing business and the recipient of many industry awards including EFFIEs, Cannes Lions, “Innovative Marketer by Economic Times”, and “WIM Digital Marketer of the Year 2017”.

David Brinkmann, VP Manufacturing, is a chemical engineer with 40 years of experience in process development, technology transfer, engineering design, operations management, techno-economic modeling and technical leadership in the bio-process industry. He has successfully developed, scaled up and managed fermentation and downstream processes for a wide variety of bio-based products and organisms.


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About Creo

Creo is an ingredient company that produces rare and novel cannabinoids using the age-old natural process of fermentation, coupled with cutting-edge technological innovation. Founded in 2016 and based in California, Creo’s mission is to enable the creation of cannabinoid products that help people everywhere while doing less harm to the planet. Creo’s technology partner and major shareholder is industry-leading biotech firm Genomatica. To learn more, visit

About Genomatica

Genomatica is harnessing synthetic biology to remake the world of everyday products and materials through the power of clean manufacturing. The company is developing more sustainable, higher-performance key ingredients for everyday products, using plants and waste rather than fossil fuels or other non-sustainable sources like palm oil. Genomatica has already commercialized ingredients to make better plastics, spandex and personal care products, and is working on nylon, household cleaners and more. To learn more, visit

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