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Universities Researching Hemp & Cannabinoids

Written by Lisa Rennie

Hemp research in colleges and universities is exploding as scientists work to find even more uses for and knowledge about the plant. Among the leaders in hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) research universities include New York state campuses, though many other states are close behind.

Several colleges and universities in New York so far have been granted licenses to study the properties of hemp for CBD-based medical applications and a range of other uses. These include Cornell University and SUNY Morrisville, among others. Research at Cornell University, which boasts a well-known agricultural school, includes studying how genetics and environment influence cannabinoid levels, developing a new genotyping system, and testing molecular markers.

Some of the nation’s largest cannabis companies, such as Charlotte’s Web, are also taking part in these studies in New York, as Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced $5 million dollars in grants to study hemp.

University research is booming largely as a result of loosening regulations, making it much easier for university research teams to access hemp for study.

In addition to seeking out new uses for hemp and CBD, researchers are also making an effort to refine cultivation practices. Since the plant was considered illegal for so long, there is a long way to go in establishing ideal farming practices.

With increasing research from universities, hemp cultivation will become more mainstream, and both new and experienced hemp farmers will have a clear path to follow with best practices established.

While many hemp farmers are interested in CBD-rich hemp, there is also increasing interest in growing hemp for fiber and grain. A growing number of businesses such as textiles and automobiles interested in hemp-based products may help trigger more college and university research in these industrial applications.

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