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In the Wide-Open CBD Marketplace, Companies Hire Their Own Doctors to Boost Consumer Confidence

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Customers Find Answers to CBD Questions in Partnership with Medical Doctors

Lincoln, NE


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CBD has hit the big time. Brands from Coca-Cola to Big Pharma are adding the natural remedy to everything from lime toothpicks to bath bombs. But there’s still a deep knowledge gap among consumers about how to use it safely and effectively.

That hasn’t stopped major brands from pushing out a head-spinning number of CBD product lines, but it has left many consumers baffled. Now, the CBD industry is hiring its own experts to gain consumer confidence.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, CBD Remedies contracts with doctors to advise their clients on how to use CBD for everything from mood disorders to pain.

The company, which sells a wide variety of top-shelf CBD products, strives to do CBD right. They have a deep understanding of their products, from farm to table. They know the cannabinoid profiles, are strict on labeling, and check for third-party testing.

But their clients still have urgent questions: Is it safe to take CBD with medications? Does it have side effects? Is it O.K. for pets?

In a pioneering move, CBD Remedies has partnered with a medical doctor and a Ph.D. expert in cannabis medicine so clients can get answers.

“We’re positioning ourselves way ahead of the curve on this,” said Shiva Kumar, co-owner of CBD Remedies. “Partnering with doctors is a key for growth and sustenance of the CBD industry. We’re trying to create a methodical process to buy safe, trusted brands.”

“Most physicians don’t have any knowledge about natural remedies and CBD in particular. Their specializations are in different areas,” said Dr. Amanda McKinney, M.D., who has special training in cannabis medicine. “People don’t have anywhere to go for this expertise. It’s hard to sort through on the internet.”

“The CBD industry is still operating with a lot of anecdotal knowledge rather than knowledge based on the scientific literature,” said Dr. Andrea Holmes, a Ph.D. scientist who co-founded a hemp extraction company. “Customers feel comfortable talking to someone who is credentialed and has studied it for years.”

Clients at CBD Remedies can now go online and schedule a consultation with the doctors for an affordable fee. They can ask about everything from dosing to side effects.

“It’s the future of the cannabis industry,” says Holmes. “We’re just scratching the surface. We’re one of the only practices in the nation with this business model.”

Many CBD products are ineffective while others are powerful medicine, she explained. “It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everybody wants the gold even if their product isn’t effective. For instance, why is it in eyeshadow? Yet cannabinoids are great for reducing inflammation, or as anti-microbial toothpaste.”

McKinney and Holmes have consulted with large CBD companies in the U.S. and U.K. as well as helping with projects in Thailand and Nepal.

They also teach classes online through Doane University in Nebraska. There’s been an explosion of interest: around 23,000 people took their online cannabis certificate program from 166 countries worldwide.

They’re a perfect choice to fill a gaping hole left by the FDA, Kumar said. “The FDA already has a lot on its plate and there is a delay in providing guidance for the booming CBD industry, which is still highly unregulated,” he said.

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