After being in the industry for 12 years, I have some “perspective” on it. There are some extraordinary people in this space. There are also some that are sheisty as hell. Having MS, I have formed opinions on “good” products and “ones that just don’t work”… on ME, at least. It seems like the ones that always work the best are the ones that have a purpose, a story, a reason to be in existence. For now, though, let’s focus on the sheisty players. Having the five publications as well as the 8 conferences per year, I have touch points with many companies. I figure the ones that have done me wrong, will do others wrong, it’s only a matter of time. I have worked so hard as many of you have to help get this industry where it is. We do it because we love it, so I figure we should protect each other, as well as the consumer, as much as we can.

With that said, let me add that CBD Health & Wellness was born to educate and disseminate research, innovations, and trending applications. But if we are going to do honest reporting and education, it can’t be all cookies and cream. That is why we are quick to say that CBD is not a miracle “substance”. I can say first hand, it works. It works for ME. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Same with the products and the people making and distributing them. Some, although maybe not “harmful”, are not the best for you or others in the industry.

So, I’m starting this new category of our site. I will be the only author to post to it, and I hope it is not posted to often. When someone has really just done me wrong in this industry, I’ve often later heard “oh yeah he/she does that a lot”. What? Why aren’t we sharing this info to spare others the lost money and time? So… that’s what the CBD Companies Blacklisted column is all about. I’m not grabbing, I’m not reaching, I’m not exaggerating. I’m telling my truth when I experience a company in this industry being sheisty. It’s a warning to both other people in the industry as well as the consumer. It’s my experience, first hand. And if this column can make the bad actor think twice before putting a ding in a credible effort, then it’s done its job.

Stay tuned, the first one is on its way.

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MACE Media Group CEO, Celeste Miranda