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The CBD Expo Tour Returns to Texas Bringing Focus on the Controversial Delta 8 and Delta 9

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FEBRUARY 1st, 2022, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – MACE Media Group, a pioneer event and publishing company in the Cannabinoid and Psychedelic Industries, announced its upcoming Delta 8 Expo and Delta 9 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo TOUR  on March 30th – April 1st. Followed by the Psychedelic Medicine Conference on April 1st in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas.

The two-day event will bring together 80+ exhibitors presenting and sampling some of the latest Delta 8, Hemp-Derived Delta 9, and CBD products out in the market. Expected attendance at the B2B-focused show is expected to be over 3000. Panel discussions will be held hourly on both days of the event discussing Cannabinoid Science, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Lifestyle Medicine, Neuroscience, and Extraction equipment innovations. At its first show of 2022, MACE Media Group brings back its long-awaited Demo stage to the exhibit floor. Demo stage presentations will be held by Cannabinoid Chefs, Extraction companies, and more. “Our Demo stage has always offered companies the opportunity to explain key features and benefits of its products. As well as visual and physical proof that the product they’re offering does what it says”, stated Celeste Miranda, CEO of MACE Media Group.

Following the D8 Expo & D9 Expo panel discussions will be The Psychedelic Medicine Conference on April 1st, from 1pm – 6pm. The Conference will bring educational panel discussions on the biological, medicinal, and ethical aspects of psychedelics. With panel topics such as, The Psychedelic Renaissance and its Forensic Implications, Psychedelic and Your Body: What’s Happening Inside?, and Psychedelic Medicine: Safety & Ethical Concerns. “Psychedelics have entered the third wave of its Renaissance” Says Graciela Moreno of MACE Media Group. “Everyone wants to learn the benefits of Microdosing and the advantages of approaching mental health issues from the non-western pharmacticual approach. So, we want to offer everyone a safe space of thorough education on dosage, benefits, and concerns of  psychedelics”.

The upcoming event plans to focus the spotlight on one of the most disputable cannabinoids in the state of Texas and beyond, Delta 8 THC, during “The Texas Showdown for Delta 8” panel discussion. Several panelists in the discussion have been at the forefront of the legality battle against the state of Texas. Delta 8 THC has been controversially popular throughout the lone star state after the DSHS deemed it a controlled substance and illegal to sell. Just weeks ago after a legal battle, the Texas Supreme Court denied the DSHS the request to ban Delta 8 THC. The hopes are for this panel to touch on what the future holds for Delta 8 and other minor cannabinoids in Texas.

The Institute of Extraction Technology Course, taught by Dr. John Mackay, Ph.D. will also be joining the event in Dallas, but with a twist. The Extraction Institute will offer students, “A Day with Mackay”. This workshop course will cover the fundamentals of extraction theory and the practical principles of concentration of botanical sources, active compounds of interest, efficiency and economics in the extraction of cannabinoids and mushrooms.


About MACE Media Group

MACE Media Group produces many trade events including The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the Original CBD Expo, The Delta 9 Expo, Psychedelic Science Conference, and Extraction Expo. MACE Media Group is also the largest publisher in the cannabinoid space. Its premiere title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its sister publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, and Extraction Magazine and Delta 8 Magazine revolve around the growing cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations


About The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo Tour

The first of its kind to bring the largest Delta 8 & CBD event platform to broadcast products with the community and share knowledge with the industry. Headlined by CannaAid, the events feature more than 70 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, production, globalization, and sale of Delta 8 & CBD products. The Delta 8 in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour will be held in Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, and Florida.


About The Delta 9 Expo

The first and ONLY expo dedicated to the Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC. The expo will take place in Dallas, Texas on March 31st – April 1st and will be headlined by leading industry company, Trojan Horse Cannabis.

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