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Top Four CBD Extract Trends: Which one is for you?

Written by Dianelle Bresler

Like any other consumer end-product, the way people are consuming CBD has evolved over time. The first form of CBD to hit the market was a tincture-based product in the mid 1970’s. The cannabis tincture was released for medicinal use by the British company Pharmacopoeia (1).Today, consumers have multiple ways of enjoying CBD. There is no one-size-fits-all; the best way to consume CBD it depends on what your needs are and what works best for you.

Here we have compiled the four most typical trends in CBD extracts.


The most efficient and fast-acting method of delivery, inhaling CBD oil or e-juice through a vaporizer or smoking CBD-dominant strains like Charlotte’s Web enters the bloodstream, quickly bypassing the liver. This allows the effects of CBD to be felt quickly, for fast-acting pain relief.


This is the easiest method of consumption in terms of preparation and availability, but also the slowest-acting. Swallowing a capsule or eating CBD-infused candy edibles makes the CBD pass through the digestive system and metabolize in the liver. The CBD stays in your bloodstream for a longer lasting effect (2).


Recommended for children too young to take a capsule, ‘sublingual’ is the Latin term for “under the tongue.” In sublingual dosing, an alcohol-based CBD tincture is administered under the tongue and absorbed by the capillaries in the mucous membrane directly into the bloodstream (3). This method is not only fast acting conferring a 15-25% bioavailability, but the CBD that is swallowed will slowly digest for an ongoing and long-lasting relief.


For local pain relief and healing, CBD is applied directly to the skin using creams, lotions and soaps. When applied topically, CBD is less likely to enter the bloodstream, minimizing systemic effects. When applied, it provides anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, especially when combined with other active ingredients (2).

What’s next?

Water-soluble drops and CBD-infused sprays didn’t make it to the list because of its weak form of absorption.Moving towards the future,the possibilities for CBD products are nearly endless. For example, CBD oilcould be usedin diffuserslike the ones used for essential oils. That would provide a calming effect in the home or office or in steam rooms for a post workout relief. We also hope to see CBD being used as a substitute for benzos (anti-anxiety medications) at hospitals as its legal status and overall societal acceptance improves. What is certain is that the future is bright for CBD extracts, and CBD Health and Wellness will be here to report on the evolution of its trends every step of the way. 


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